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A. M. Qattan Foundation

The A.M. Qattan Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit developmental organisation founded in 1993. It is registered in the UK as a charity. A branch of the Foundation is also registered in Palestine as a non-profit organisation. The Foundation's vision focuses on a just, free, enlightened and tolerant society with a global presence; one that embraces dialogue and is a producer of knowledge, art, and literature. The Science Studio is one of the projects implemented by the Educational Research & Development Programme at the A.M. Qattan Foundation. It is established in partnership with Ramallah Municipality.

The Science Studio is a five-year pilot project (2017-2021) that will lay the foundation for the establishment of a long-term Interactive Science Centre in Palestine. The Science Studio is a culmination of the Walid and Helen Kattan Science Education Project, which ran teacher professional development strategies over the course of six years to 2017. The Science Studio aims to spark people’s curiosity about science and to make science relevant within the Palestinian and international human contexts. It aspires to communicate science in a way that achieves engagement, emotional involvement and retention of acquired knowledge, and to offer learning opportunities for students, teachers and the public.

The Science Studio is a creative space where scientists, artists, engineers, educators, and technicians congregate for brainstorming, ideation, design, prototyping, and fabrication of interactive science exhibits. Science exhibits are used in schools, universities, public spaces and other venues to develop science education. These exhibits allow visitors to immerse themselves in an interactive process that is based on extensive research, reflection and continuous evaluation at every phase. Programmes of the Science Studio include: Exhibit Development and Fabrication Programme, Community Participation Programme, and the Education Programme which includes teachers’ professional development, the Tinkering Lab (Karkasha), and Science Festivals.

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