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Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation

Al Nayzak is a non-profit non-partisan Palestinian Jerusalemite organization. Al Nayzak specializes in education, counseling and research in various fields of science, technology and engineering. Al Nayzak adopts, in its work, unique and innovative tools and methods. It motivates the learner so he/she becomes a partner in the educational process rather than only a receiver. He/she then explores and discovers on his/her own through practical interaction.
Al Nayzak plants scientific and thinking skills in the individuals until the methodology of scientific thinking becomes a habit in their daily life. The organization uses scientific thinking methodology and tools in directing individuals because linking thinking skills to real scientific and technical knowledge is the soundest way to face challenges on the path towards excellence. Hence, the person becomes a beacon that carries the torch of advancement for his/her environment which contributes to the path of constructing for a modern society.

Al Nayzak works through a number of annual programs that are directed to different age groups. Those programs include: Made In Palestine Program and Competition, Talented Students Incubators, Young Researcher Program, Science Summer Camps, Scientific Entrepreneurship Program. The organization also works through a number of projects that complement its annual programs in delivering the message of science and knowledge to the entire Palestinian society.