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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Science ♥ society
Erik StenglerSadie BowmanRichard Coates

Science is full of stories and telling them well is an art form! In this interactive, playful workshop, participants will approach abstract science concepts through a series of theatre games and exercises to distil these concepts into immediate,...

Sophie PerryDerek FishYuko OkayamaLiesbeth de Bakker

The Covid-19 pandemic clearly impacted everyday science learning as many institutions had to seek alternatives to face-to-face interactions and adapt their offerings due to lockdown measures. In such times, collaboration between researchers and...

Exhibit development
Ines MontalvaoDaniel RosqvistClaire PillsburyCarla Molins-PitarchMarco MirandaMichael Bradke

This is part two of an in-depth session where we will find out where participants stand when it comes to prototyping; what it encompasses in theoretical terms and also in practice. Through a deeper understanding of this concept and how we...

Lucy Hawking

Author Lucy Hawking makes science accessible and entertaining to young readers through her ‘George’ book series of fantasy adventure novels based on real science. Written in collaboration with world-leading scientists including her father, the...

Research, theory & evaluation
Erik StenglerMiruna AmzaJavier Hidalgo Gil

These last two years of pandemic have led to an exponential increase of online modes of engagement. This has in turn reinforced the need for evaluation of digital projects in science centres and museums, not only as summative assessment but also...

Exhibit development
Raphael ChanayLottie DodwellLauren SouterFloriane PerotCaroline BreunesseSophie RADIX

Many science museums are currently working on the issue of children's museography around art objects and collections. This session proposes to explore the different questions, barriers and opportunities that these projects face. How to marry...

Exhibit development
Lizzy MoriartyHenna BhattiJoy LatourMafalda FradePeter ElsaesserNoa HaimJussi KahlosFlora PloquinJole MartinenghiOtt SarapuuCorinne BoungoCeline NadalMaria PiacenteGwenaël AllanJan Pomierny

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

Strategy & vision
Marianne BenningAmparo Leyman PinoFrank KupperMenno TummersAnna Schaefers

Enter our space where you cannot see the others around you. Anonymised seating. Eye masks. Music playing in the background. Voices speak up to confess personal professional sins; doubts about their institutions and dubious things we do as a...

Science ♥ society
Joseph RocheFiona SmythLuisa MassaraniItaru MasudaMarina JoubertLenna CumberbatchAndres Roldan

This session will address current societal challenges including inequality, climate change and vaccines. It draws together science communicators from different parts of the world to recount their experiences in science communication, and share...

Antonia CaolaLuisa MassaraniSabrina Vitting-Seerup

Emotions are central components of the learning process and are at the heart of (formal and informal) education and communication. Emotions shape cognition, memory, motivation, interest, engagement, attitudes, and decision-making in relation to...

Equity & Inclusion
Vanessa MignanInka de PijperCeleste MorenoSarah FunkPaul BonifaceSebastian MartinLuigi Anzivino

Why are projects that target non-dominant audiences of science engagement institutions often tokenistic and performative? This workshop will explore how tinkering approaches that focus on equitable processes can help to document and address this...

Science ♥ society
Ana NoronhaMaría MenéndezBarbara BudassiMiriam AtienzaMiriam AtienzaCamilla Rossi-LinnemannPedro Russo

The blend of science and creativity can trigger curiosity in areas of space science and technology that differ from those traditionally pursued by science engagement, in ways that may inspire broader audiences to go on new explorations... This...