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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Exhibit development
Claire PillsburyAndreas HeineckeBernd HoltwickTheano Moussouri

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in our lives and their versatility offers great potential for visitors and museums. They can be used to deepen visitor engagement, personalise a visit, record visitors’ unique paths and where they spend time,...

Science ♥ society
Catherine GanzlebenIan MarnaneCaroline WhalleyJoana Lobo VicenteAndromachi Katsonouri-Sazeides

We live longer and are healthier than ever, enjoying the 21st century’s many conveniences. Chemistry and the use of different chemicals have played an important role in shaping society and improving our standard of living. But do we understand...

Science ♥ society
Daniel RosqvistOlle BjerkåsSamar D. KirreshInka de PijperYihsuan Lin

In this conversation corner session, we’ll focus on the grand challenge facing us in making our way of life compliant with the limitations of our planet. In this crucial and exciting endeavour, how can we as educators, tinkerers and makers make a...

Strategy & vision
Laura SmillieJochen HungerHolly HastedHedinn Gunhildrud

When it comes to busting myths and tackling tricky issues, science communicators are armed to the teeth with the necessary tools to inform and educate. Or are they? If science is so great, why do so many pseudoscientists succeed in selling their...

Guided tour

Experience the atmospheric Zoological Museum on a guided tour. The tour will take you to a range of the Museum’s highlights, including Denmark's only real giant dinosaur, “Misty”, and the famous Whale Cellar, which is usually closed to the public...

Exhibit development
Remco MolenaarBart van den BergMike GandertonMette Stentoft TherkildsenKaren Drost

Personalisation is a strong mechanism to increase the impact of visitor experiences. Not every visitor is the same: think of languages, interests, expectations, knowledge, behaviours or (special) needs. We want to ‘touch’ visitors by creating...

Amito HaarhuisMaria João FonsecaAnnelore ScholtenRaphael ChanayKen ArnoldTorkil AdsersenKate FordeGeoffrey Belknap

In this session, presenters from many different science museums all over Europe share how they use storytelling to create more context for their heritage collections, and make them come alive. What museological strategies do they use to make...

Meredith DobyPeter BishopKristin AlfordMeredith DobyMikko Myllykoski

Thinking about the future is fundamentally important for people of all ages. How can we as science engagement organisations provide a platform for this thinking? Three museum practitioners and a professional Futurist share their future thinking...

Parody burial
Science ♥ society
Carmen FenollosaMaria ZоlоtоnоsаWiktor GajewskiFrank Kupper

With all the discussions and uncertainties around the European Commission's next Research & Innovation funding framework (the so-called “Horizon Europe”), one thing is clear: Responsible Research and Innovation (R.R.I.) as a concept will be...

Open play
Science ♥ society
Meredith DobyPeter BishopKristin AlfordMikko Myllykoski

Following the "Future thinking in science centres: methods" session, you are invited to join the speakers in the GameLab. A unique opportunity to attend a sample lesson in future thinking, try out...

Equity & Inclusion
Orna CohenAnnkatrin MeyerMaja WasylukTom RockwellCarina Jaatinen

Relevance, inclusion, diversity, civic engagement and community outreach are some of the most discussed topics of the past decade in the museum and science centre field. It seems that the social implications of our work have gained a higher...

Strategy & vision
Maria João FonsecaMargaret Wertheim

Your opportunity to engage in conversation with science writer, artist and curator Margaret Wertheim after hearing her keynote in the previous time slot.

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