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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Strategy & vision
Elin RobertsMarion SabourdyAnna GunnarssonThierry Brassac

Once upon a time...

Embark on a trip through enchanted landscapes. During this journey, meet three speakers, hiding in the storyline of an interactive fairytale. They all share a passion: stories! Assuming that the human brain was shaped...

Patricia VerheydenPaul VoogtNata'alui Duha

​​Commitment: Equity & inclusion

Plaster masks modelled on the faces of people from Nias, an island on the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, are at the heart of a research project for which the Utrecht University Museum has...

Social event

What is an Ecsite Conference without a dance floor full of colleagues celebrating? On the last evening of the conference, we will have a dance party!!! Transform your place and your outfit to be full of colour. You can choose one or more colours...

Research, theory & evaluation
Marianne AchiamMarianne AchiamYuri MattemanHenrike WelpinghusJustin Dillon

The educational efforts of science centres, museums, zoos and aquaria are often challenged by the fuzziness and complexity of the notion of sustainability. This means that educational initiatives may be governed as much by serendipity and local...

Fireside chat
Mikko MyllykoskiJohn Falk

John Falk will answer all questions from his keynote speech in an engaging conversation with Mikko Myllykoski, Director of Heureka (Vantaa, Finland) and Ecsite Conference Committee Chairperson.

Community event

A selection of demonstrations and highlights from some of our member institutions, including Heureka's 'Moments of the Week' and NEMO'S online science demo on making paper whistles and eggs-periments.

Fireside chat
Equity & Inclusion
Shaaron LevermentYuri MattemanJen DeWittKatia FranzosoInka de PijperAmanda Colbourne

​​Commitment: Equity & inclusion

Science centres across Europe are pushing for the role of equity and partnership for diverse participation, with an aim to include and involve families who may not currently walk...

Alexandre QuintanilhaSharon Ament

Conference hosts Brad Irwin and Dorothée Vatinel are here to welcome you to day two of the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference. In today's welcome, they'll be joined by two very special guests; Alexandre Quintanilha and Sharon Ament. Alexandre will...

Lightning talks
Equity & Inclusion
Anna SchaefersAmparo Leyman PinoElizabeth RasekoalaGabriele ZipfMariam BachichRilando June LamadjidoGeorgina YoungAlexandra AlberdaCraig RitchieTibisay Sankatsing NavaCaroline TurreDevina LobineMicah ParzenEva Trujillo

Commitment: Equity & inclusion

After a first session on decolonising museums at the 2019 Ecsite Conference 2019 in Copenhagen and a webinar for Ecsite Online in 2020, we would like to continue the discussion:...

Research, theory & evaluation
Bernadette DecristoforoJana HawigRick Martin SpringerBernadette SchrandtJuliana Restrepo

Conservation of nature, working with death, the time span of the evolution of man and capturing the ‘genius loci’ of a site - four different exhibition topics with one similarity: they are hard to display. The choice of exhibition techniques can...

Research, theory & evaluation
Christina ClassenClaudia GorrVesa LepistöClayton Cutajar

The idea for this session is to talk about data that render practical changes in our science centres or museums. To be precise, it's about evaluation data – mostly quantitative but to a certain extent also qualitative. The sticking point is to...

Social event

Get ready for an exciting selection of events. Make sure you’re here at 17.15 CEST to start the evening’s Not-so-Nocturne, where you'll get a glimpse of what is to follow (and how to get there).

Get active with scientific baking, enjoy a...