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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Business & fundraising
Catherine FrancheMichiel BuchelCristin DorgeloMichael John GormanJoanna Kalinowska

When looking for partners or for funding, we’re advocating, using our brand to find a common ground, demonstrating we can contribute to their mission or agenda. Advocating for the engagement of citizens in science and technology used to be good...

Exhibit development
Rachel SturgisClare BarlowLouise WhiteleyAmito HaarhuisPhil Loring

What expectations do we create or reinforce around what it means to have a healthy body or a healthy mind? Traditionally, medical museums have tended to prioritise the ‘medical gaze’, discussing bodies in terms of diagnosis. This approach can...

Ana NoronhaMarc MoutinMaria Menendez

Space science and art share an interest in deep human questions, such as our cosmic origins. The blend of science and art can trigger curiosity in areas of Space science and technology that differ from those traditionally pursued by science...

Word Cafe
Exhibit development
Bernadette SchrandtJose Augusto OcampoJoonas JuutilainenGunnar BehrensSteven SchaekenAlisson BoiffardEric Mika

“If museum exhibitions are to survive the major irreversible social changes brought on by technological advances, globalisation, and shifting consumer expectations, we will need to radically evolve our practices over the coming years.” -...

Pre-conference workshop

All detailed information about this workshop can be found here.

Science ♥ society
Judith FeichtingerJuliet TschankMichaela HickersbergerGottfried Franz Mayer

Have you ever seen a wooden shirt or drunk from a cup made out of coffee grounds? This, dear participants, is bioeconomy. The session begins with an introduction into the field of bioeconomy, its societal relevance and potentials. Following this...

Sebastian MartinArmin DuffKatherine OzawaChristof BörnerCristina Riesen

How do we make computational thinking practices and concepts engaging and relevant? Making and tinkering skills are crucial for the next generation to succeed in a digital world; even a basic understanding of these concepts is important for...


The Ecsite Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all Ecsite members.

Only Full members of Ecsite have voting rights.

Research, theory & evaluation
Joseph RocheSam MejiasEva DurallAutumn BrownJen Wong

Do you struggle to create a balanced partnership between art and science collaborators? Are you interested in creating equitable events which encompass a wide range of learner identities and perspectives but finding the choice of a robust...

round table
Business & fundraising
Nele Van der ElstDries DesagherVictoria ThomsonJoanna KalinowskaKatherine McAlpineHava ContiniShamini Balan

We talk and exchange a lot of ideas with our peers about programmes, interaction with the audience, etc. but despite having businesses to run, revenues to gain and business models to write, we don’t discuss the business behind the science...

Idea-jam session
Exhibit development
Andrea VeldkampWouter VerbiestMaarten TaborskyAmparo Leyman PinoPaul OrselliAnna SchaefersMichael Feser

The idea-jam session lets you open your mind as far as possible and allows you to come up with wild concepts that challenge what we think is possible within the field of science engagement. The idea-jam session will reopen its doors this year for...

Exhibit development
Julie LeclairAlanna DavidsonMaren KrumdieckChristina SchwartzIgnasi Miró

Developing a travelling exhibition can be costly, time consuming and staff intensive. Factor in the added pressure of finding funding or content partners and you have yourself a major project on your hands.

This interactive panel session...