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What's new in travelling exhibitions - Part 1

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.


Audience Engagement Advisor
Lizzy Moriarty
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Deputy Director
Gravity is all around us. Everyone in the earth is feeling it. We have built 10 interactive exhibits to show the effect on yourself. Feel the gravity on other planets and break it on Earth!
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
United Kingdom
This new touring exhibition features the work of Columbian artist Carlos Zapata. Vibrant colourful mechanical figures and smaller automata create an exciting dream world of moving tableaux where all is not what it seems.
Dino Don, Inc.
United States
Travel to 13th-century Mongolia to discover the amazing world of the greatest of all civilizers. This world-touring blockbuster exhibition reveals the influence of the man who brought the West paper money, passports, pants, forks, violins and much more. Live musical performances, elaborate sets, role-playing activities, hundreds of rare artefacts, and a dozen videos distinguish this unique exhibition experiences. Treasures include jewels, armour, ceramics, weapons, and costumes – the largest collection of 13th century Mongolian relics ever toured. The Real Genghis Khan has toured in Singapore, Canada, and the US. It is available to debut in Europe in the Fall of 2022.
Traveling Exhibitions Manager, Sales
Field Museum
United States
Featuring a new, fully articulated SUE cast with added gastralia (“belly ribs”), a one-of-a-kind narrated show, and realistic computer animated scenes, SUE: The T. Rex Experience is a journey through the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota, one of the most well-documented ecosystems from the age of dinosaurs. Touchable fossil replicas, scent stations, and a naturalistic soundscape create an immersive, multisensory experience.
Director of Sales
"Extinct and Endangered" showcases photographs by award-winning artist Levon Biss. His breathtaking photographs are helping raise awareness about conservation. This exhibition will be opening in June 2022 at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and will then available for touring worldwide.
Content Developer
A Matter of Taste Who likes what – and why? Welcome to an exhibition where the design in itself is a matter of taste - a "mall of taste" with "stores" in the themes of music, food, fashion, living and love. Playing the interactive stations, visitors can create their own taste profile and discover what influences their own taste. At the end, they can even find out how unique their profile is by comparing it with the profiles of other visitors.
Head of Exhibitions
Everybody knows T. rex. The biggest, most dangerous, most ruthless carnivore that ever lived. This giant dinosaur stood 4 metres high, was 13 meters long and weighed in at 6,000 kilograms of flesh and bone. With the biggest bite force ever, T. rex was built to kill. Dinosaurs -and T. rex in particular - has always been a visitor magnet, especially for families. "T. Rex in Town" is not just another dinosaur exhibition. Together with cutting-edge scientific facts and a variety of fun and interactive exhibits for all ages, we bring you T. rex Trix, a 66 million-year-old female T. rex, only recently excavated by Naturalis Biodiversity Center. This beautiful specimen is exceptionally well-preserved, and impressively large and powerful.
Porträt Michael Schöppl
project manager
Who can help marine biologist Miriam Patrik and solve the mystery of the Ocean Eye Escapebox? The association ScienceCenter-Netzwerk and Mental Home e.U. present Ocean Eye, a unique mobile escape game and exhibition of a different kind. Instead of escaping, you have to open the mobile laboratory. With each solution step, the Escapebox unfolds new perspectives, challenges and gripping riddles around the topic of microplastics. The players need teamwork and creative solutions. Classic Escape puzzles meet real experiments. But watch out! There is only one hour to solve the puzzles. The Escapebox Ocean Eye is a live group game for 3 to 6 people aged 15 and up.
Deputy manager for VIP partner and Foreing Affairs
Czech Republic
An exhibition on Renewable Energy Sources
Paolo Russo, Exhibition Partnerships Manager, NHM
Exhibition Partnerships Manager
United Kingdom
After a successful presentation at the NHM in London, this spectacular exhibition showcasing creatures from the natural, mythical and wizarding worlds is now setting off on an international tour. Discover where the real world and the Wizarding World intertwine, and how the wonders of the natural world have inspired myths, legends and magical creatures for generations. Embark on a journey where magical beasts and fantastic animals share abilities and behaviours that allow them to dazzle, attract and escape. Celebrate real-world scientists who, like the character Newt Scamander™, help us to understand our planet's extraordinary creatures, so we can protect them for the future.
Science communicator
Constantly and everywhere, we are surrounded by waves – even if we can only perceive some of them: water waves, sound waves, earthquake waves, light. However, waves are not only omnipresent in our lives, but are used for a wide variety of applications – in medicine, for communication, when looking into Earth or in navigation. With large-format, colourful illustrations and many hands-on exhibits, the new exhibition of focusTerra invites you to playfully discover the relevance, beauty and power of waves with all your senses. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of waves – in nature, art, everyday life and research.
Head of Touring Exhibitions
Tempora SA
From March 10 to June 30, 2022 at Brussels Expo, this interactive show of a new kind will immerse the spectators in a personal and collective reflection on the climate issue. An innovative experience at the crossroads of theatre, cinema and interactive workshop.
Project coordinator
With this first major exhibition devoted to Largo Winch, the humanist billionaire, visitors of all ages will be given the chance to witness the talent of the comics' series authors, discover the making of a bestseller, and delve into the breathtaking adventures of our hero. Created by Citéco, the exhibition also invites visitors to wander into the history of economy over the past 30 years, in an entertaining and educative way.
Femke Bijlsma
creative director and partner
GROWTH, WHAT IS THAT? Society champions growth. It’s the measure of prosperity and what most people aim for. At school, at work, in the economy. But infinite economic growth in a finite world comes at a cost: it is leading to environmental and economic collapse. Is there a way to change this? “Growth, what is that?” is an experimental search for a radically new exhibition format. An immersive, multisensory art installation, envisioned as a space for challenging people’s own conventions. An invitation to rethink growth and the underlying logics that feeds into it and to imagine alternative growth strategies more useful to humanity and the world as a whole. Prioritizing topics of societal relevance for their portfolio, Kossmanndejong is on a mission to tell stories that matter. Growth is one of them. Femke Bijlsma, Partner at Kossmanndejong, will share the unconventional process and outcome of an extraordinary exhibition. This self-initiated and produced exhibition opened in the Malmö Museum in April this year and will run until November. It’s assembled with local material and content and as such, it is closely connected to its direct context. The disassembling and afterlife of this exhibition will be given special attention too. Can this exhibition grow into something new?
Director, Lascaux III project
Virtual reality offers to visit alone the entire Lascaux cave even in narrow Spence full of engravings where almost nobody has been since total closure in 1063.
Head of Scientific Area
(In)visibles and (Un)seen is a journey through space and time through the lives of 24 scientific women, those who history has made invisible. From Ancient Egypt to 21st century Britain, through every era and every continent, women have been hidden, everywhere and forever. Throughout the history of science, men have been the protagonists and women have been subjected to a secondary role, subjected to glass ceilings due to gender.