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Ecsite events

Ecsite's flagship event, the Ecsite Conference, brings together more than 1,100 professionals each spring and is open to all. Discover the Directors Forum, a more intimate event reserved to senior managers from Full members institutions. Ecsite also offers various training opportunities.

Ecsite Conference

The Ecsite Conference is the most prominent meeting of science engagement professionals in Europe, bringing together 1,000 professionals.

Ecsite members attend this event at reduced rates and often take part in the conference sessions as speakers or convenors.

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Directors forum

Every year, the directors of Ecsite's full member institutions meet for a two-day seminar to exchange views and discuss key issues. Each year, the Directors Forum is hosted by one of the participating institutions and discussions centre around a special theme.

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Training opportunities

Ecsite connects science communicators with unique training opportunities. Expand your repertoire of skills through a range of courses.

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