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Can you feel it? A science revival meeting

“Go forth and collide, Multiply and create” is the motto of our Science Assembly. Inspired by religious revival meetings, we will offer you songs, laughter, inspiration, and meaning. As a theme we will focus on the history, importance and meaning of science centres in society and your own individual role in this field. Standard elements of any holy assembly such as singing, reading, teaching and thinking in silence, will be interleaved with a motivational workshop. Our convenor will take on a pastor-like role, starting the session with an opening statement, and introducing the speakers as well as the songs the musician, chanters and congregation will sing.


Museum of London
United Kingdom

Session speakers

Senior Research Scientist
University of Washington
Bronwyn will give a reading from “Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens: Frank Oppenheimer and His Astonishing Exploratorium, K. C. Cole” and from “Equity and the meaning of science learning: A defining challenge for science museums, N. W. Feinstein”. After this, she will balance between "fire and brimstone” and "heaven and light" in her interpretation of the readings.
Director Museum
Amsterdam & Leiden
Motivational speaker. Marjolein will give the inspirational workshop "How to put up a fight". With some stimulating exercises, she will (try to) whip up the crowd to have the courage of one's convictions.
Director and Driver
Michael will be the musician and play the guitar. Together with Michèle and Veselina he will guide the congregation in singing songs that fit our theme and that lift up the spirit.
Chief expert
Burgas Municipality, Bulgaria
Michèle Antoine
Director of Exhibitions