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Funding: what do our pie charts say about us?

The session explores different models for financing our institutions and tackling the biggest challenges we face in the search for a diversified and balanced model. The idea is very simple: each speaker will say a few words about their institution’s financing model, presenting a pie chart of their income sources, and describing how this financing has changed in the past few years. What do they strive for budget-wise? What were the best-sellers? What is still missing?

Each five-minute presentation will conclude with a question to attendees: what advice could they give to solve the speaker’s biggest issue? The aim is to present a variety of institutions with different types of financing, making it as simple and as informative as possible.


Developement Director

Session speakers

Business Strategist
Contribution in presenting the financing model of Heureka. Heureka is located in Vantaa, in Helsinki region. It receives around 300 000 visitors annually. Heureka is operated by the science centre foundation and has some commercial operations which are organized through daughter companies.
Maria João Fonseca
Interim Executive Coordinator / Head of Communication
Contribution in presenting the financial model of the Hall of Biodiversity - Ciência Viva Center - Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, a university collection-based museum and science center hybrid located in Porto, Portugal
Helen Jones
Director of Global Engagement and Strategy
United Kingdom
Contribution in presenting the financial model of the Science Museum.