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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Equity & Inclusion
Barbara StreicherAutumn BrownLewis HouMavis Ramazani

Researchers from two projects focusing on the needs, interests, and wellbeing of migrants and refugees share their work alongside participants from each project. Tech Scéal, an Irish initiative, explores issues of algorithmic justice with...

Equity & Inclusion

An overview of five projects, all commended by the Ecsite Awards jury during their decision-making process for the Responsible and Responsive Award. The work undertaken and the lessons learned in how these organisations were bold, innovative and...

Erik TorstenssonJon HaavieJørn HafverBianca VioletBrenda Shivanandan

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in more and more applications and is affecting our reality in new and challenging ways. Science centres have a unique opportunity and obligation to educate and engage the general public in this. In this...

Equity & Inclusion
Emmi HuhtaniemiMaarten OkkersenLorenz KampschulteKati Tyystjärvi

Today, science centres and museums are committed to serving new audiences, promoting social justice in society. Is science capital a useful tool or not? A common situation in our institutions is that visitors seem to have high science capital...

Exhibit development
Agnes RuizManon DelauryJoy LatourAgnes RuizOlivier RetoutAlex SusannaPauline RobertPeter Elsaesser

Due to the workshop format this session has a capacity limited to 30 participants.

How does the world of travelling exhibitions pull through during global crises (Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, climate change)? Stakeholders of the touring...

Open to all pre- and main Conference speakers and convenors, upon advance online registration. Receive a warm welcome to Heilbronn, and enjoy a drink and snack and mingle with other speakers.

Exhibit development
Michèle ANTOINEVincent BlechFlora PloquinGwenaël AllanMichael Schoeppl

How would a science centre look if it had been designed using all our senses? In the age of digital media, museums and science centres around the world are struggling to attract young and diverse audiences. Some science organisations have...

Equity & Inclusion
Amparo Leyman PinoInes MontalvaoSilvio WeyAnna Schaefers

Multilingual exhibits, diversification of staff, community partnerships, participatory programmes, among other best practises, are evidence that a science centre or museum is on the right path to becoming diverse and inclusive. However, what is...

Science ♥ society
Cristina PacaLucie SteiglederPatrick KlügelStuart JamesCarla PugliaAndrew Whittington-DavisMiranda ThoenMarzia MazzonettoSiri KellnerMarie CouëdicÀlex ArgemíMariana Rama Pedro AlvesMichael CreekAlix ThuillierSabine HaakeDobrivoje Lale EricBeate LangholfStephanos CherouvisSílvia Zurita i Món

The courageous speakers of this session will be telling you about their projects in an original and jargon-free style.

Expect a two-minute story for each project, followed by 45 minutes of networking. Join to get a quick overview of...

Equity & Inclusion
Angela Calabrese BartonMicaela BalzerDay GreenbergSpela GodecLouise Archer

This interactive session provides an opportunity for participants to explore a toolset in support of equitable pedagogies for Informal STEM learning (ISL). This toolset, co-created by researchers and educators in both the USA and the UK, provides...

Brad IrwinHerlinde Koelbl

From her long-term documentation of Angela Merkel through to her latest exhibition "Fascination of science", German photographic artist Herlinde Koelbl has photographed some of the worlds most influential people. Join us to discuss her career and...

Strategy & vision
Sharon AmentCamilla ThamLauren HyamsBrad IrwinAlexandra Burch

In 2020, the Natural History Museum set out on a bold new mission: to create advocates for the planet. Join us on a deep dive into how the Museum has begun to realise its new vision, including case studies from across the institution, with honest...