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In the shoes of a blind person

A blindfolded experience to grasp visual accessibility requirements.

During the whole workshop you become visually impaired, being blindfolded or wearing special glasses. In this situation, you will discover how to go from the entrance of Experimentarium to an exhibition space that you will then visit. Those who wear visually impairing glasses will be able to guide their blindfolded peers and roles will be switched mid-way.

A collective feedback discussion will take place at the end of the session and speakers will each offer a short talk about their own museum's experience.


Exhibit developer and Curator

Session speakers

Anna Riethus
Research Manager
Anna Riethus will share her experience about “moving when your are a blind” in her museum where the most part of exhibits are to see.
Nathalie Puzenat, Universcience Paris
Exhibit Developer
Nathalie includes accessibility at a high level in her exhibitions. She will share her experience and show how this consideration makes it possible to create an universal design, for all.