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STEAM programming with Migrant and Refugee Learners

Researchers from two projects focusing on the needs, interests, and wellbeing of migrants and refugees share their work alongside participants from each project. Tech Scéal, an Irish initiative, explores issues of algorithmic justice with families seeking asylum. During the pandemic, participants gathered online to design for a more just technological future. The lead researcher will be joined by participant Mavis Ramazani who will share both her experience with Tech Scéal and her insights into establishing meaningful partnerships with migrant communities. New Scots Connect is a Scottish programme between Science Ceilidh and Multicultural Family Base, which supports young people and men from diverse migration backgrounds through engineering to support wider skills development, wellbeing and opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. A participant from the programme will join the programme designer to share their experiences.

This session is part of the Equity and inclusion conference track.


Executive Manager

Session speakers

Autumn Brown
Science & Society Research Group, Trinity College Dublin
Autumn will discuss her role as the lead researcher of Tech Scéal, a project created alongside families seeking asylum. Exploring issues across algorithmic justice, digital agency and creative coding, Tech Scéal deployed various tools including speculative fiction, role playing games and zine-making to learn, reimagine and recreate digital landscapes. Through a series of workshops and exploratory sessions, the project explored new visions of an equitable, just, and joyful technological future.
Director, Consultant
Science Ceilidh
United Kingdom
Lewis will share Science Ceilidh’s role as connector linking organisations, engineers, universities, science centres and local hacklabs to meet the needs of the refugee and migrant community. Science engagement has the potential to make impact through community youth work and social work approaches, offering an opportunity to develop relationships, transferable skills (including English and wellbeing) along with cultural exchange sharing the value and skills that migrants and refugees bring.
Lead: Employer Engagement, and Integration Projects
Irish Refugee Council
Mavis is a community and bridge builder. As an advocate for Refugees and International Protection Applicants, employed by the Irish Refugee Council, Mavis Ramazani was the primary community liaison throughout the Tech Scéal project. She will discuss her experience in connecting various learning institutions across Ireland with families living in and exiting Direct Provision, Ireland’s temporary housing system for asylum seekers. She will also discuss her experience as a participant in Tech Scéal and share recommendations for future programming around STEAM engagement and learning.