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Keynote - Audrey Dussutour

"The blob: a genius without a brain". 

Audrey Dussutour is a Researcher at the Research Centre on Animal Cognition of Toulouse University, France. Her unit works on animal cognition, neuroscience, animal behaviour and computational biology. Audrey's most recent work focuses on proto-cognition in slime moulds, these intriguing single-cell eukaryotic organisms that, in line with this year's "Pushing boundaries" conference theme, don't really fit in a box. Her group's recent studies suggest that slime moulds may be an ideal model system in which to investigate fundamental mechanisms underlying the ground-floor of learning abilities, as they are able to learn and share knowledge without the help of a brain.

Audrey's talk will focus on slime moulds and more specifically on the idea that cognitive abilities might pre-date the evolution of nervous systems. Expect gorgeous footage, as she is currently shooting a movie on slime moulds.

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Watch a video of her keynote lecture during the 2019 Ecsite Conference - sponsored by The Kavli Foundation.

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Audrey Dussutour
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