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Research, theory & evaluation
Frans de Waal

Dr. Frans de Waal is a Dutch-American biologist and primatologist known for his work on the behaviour and social cognition of primates. Speech title: Prosocial Primates: The Cooperative Background of Our Species

In my work with monkeys,...

Maya HalevyAntonio Gomes da CostaAntonio Gomes da CostaJustin DillonMaria XanthoudakiAmito HaarhuisBrad IrwinMaya Halevy

European science education policy has been hugely influential on science centres, museums, etc. The whole inquiry-based science education movement wouldn’t have happened without a big push from the ‘Rocard report’. So the new...

Equity & Inclusion
Luis Azevedo RodriguesSara MiraIvone FachadaAyman ElsayedEwa Janowska

Developing science programmes for adults is a true challenge for most of science centres and museums.They think they know almost everything, they will come only as accompaniers, and they think they're too old to have fun!
It is a priority...

Explainers & visitor services
Rhys EvansWencke MaderbacherAndres JuurAnthony RichardsAnne Lise MathieuAndrea Motto

Science centres and museums are all facing the same question: how to organise their explainers' team. Some institutions work with freelance students and a high turnover rate. Others developed long-term career strategies for their guides. And...

Exhibit development
Friso VisserFriso VisserDick van Dijk

This session in based on case studies where smart objects were introduced in exhibitions, building a link between real objects and the digital world. These were developed as part of the meSch project, bringing together universities, developers...

Pre-conference workshop
Maria MenendezMarc MoutinAna NoronhaJose Antonio Gordillo Martorell

All detailed information about this workshop can be found here.

Research, theory & evaluation
Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska

This session will discuss new technologies and their use to capture visitor experiences and evaluate exhibits and exhibitions.

Eye tracking, smartwatches, RFID data, EEET - there are many ways of getting accurate data about the way people...

Strategy & vision
Jane ChadwickAndrea BandelliLynn ScarffBronwyn Bevan

Evaluation is viewed by many as a necessary chore marginal to the work of museums. We spend time and money, often not enough, on evaluation to satisfy funders and for use in advocacy, but do we really learn, and does that learning instigate...

Sharing failures
Mikko MyllykoskiIlse van ZeelandEugeen van WeesMichael BradkePaula BäckmanVesna PajićAntonina KhodzhaevaAnna OmedesMarjelle van HoornPeter SlavenburgSheena LaursenAnnelore ScholtenClaudia SchleyerAxel E. HüttingerDirk BertelsUwe MoldrzykPieter AartsenClaire Pillsbury

Are you ready to confess? The Confession Session starts with 18 colleagues who confess mistakes they have made or worries they have. Valuable lessons can be learned from our mistakes, so let’s share them to maximize the learning process.


Science ♥ society

All detailed information about this event can be found here.

Exhibit development
Maarten OkkersenRalph KruijssenSteven Schaeken

Today’s world is filled with complex societal challenges: climate change, access to clean water, poverty and so on. Science centres and museums have an important role to play, sparking debate and stimulating scientific literacy on these issues....

Exhibit development
LAURENT CHICOINEAUludovic MaggioniAlexander NischelwitzerJiayi Jin

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for immersive experiences.

How did our science centres begin to develop this kind of experience? What's their feedback? How do they use it: with an explainer or not, in an exhibition or not... Is it a way...