Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Raphael ChanayJessica BradfordAnnekathrin RanftAnnette Scheersoi

Are dioramas old-fashioned, outmoded, quaint and even embarrassing? Or do they embody everything that is engaging and memorable about a museum visit: the opportunity to be transported to a different time and place and to learn through immersion...

Kate KnealeIsabelle Chabanon-PougetMatthieu VernetMelissa RichardMalvina Artheau

The GameLab is an informal drop-in space entirely dedicated to gaming.
Want to play some yet-to-come games designed by science centers? Ready to participate in an on-going experiment of collectively designing a game, from idea to...

Petra Wagnerjeanette muellerjeanette muellerPetra Wagner

Human beings love to learn. Human beings love to play. Why do we primarily act with our linearity-trained mind in a non-linear world? In order to thrive in today's complex world, systems thinking offers a great variety of ways of making sense and...

Ed SobeyEd SobeyIan RussellJohn Downey

Colour-related hands-on science activities that beg active participation will be presented by science centre and museum experts from seven countries. Participants will be able to test their colour vision, see how to break white light into a...

Research, theory & evaluation
Heather KingAndrea BandelliSarah DaviesAntonio Gomes da Costa

Science centres are often described as ideal sites for the public to participate in conversations and discussions related to scientific knowledge. But to what extent can and do visitors participate? How can science centres and museums design...

Science ♥ society
Heather KingPetra KatzensteinShireen SabaneghRick HallEnrico M. BalliLee Skolnick, FAIAGeorge PehlivanidesFederica ManzoliLiliana CoriJohan BellmanMaja SandeKate PhillipsAurora Moreira

In this session, speakers have exactly four minutes on stage and a video projector at their disposal to share experiences, epiphanies, projects, opinions etc with other participants - as long as they are related to children…

This session...

Pre-conference workshop
Explainers & visitor services
Kate KnealeIsabelle Chabanon-PougetMatthieu VernetJohn SearMalvina ArtheauDaniela De Angeli

One day to trigger participants’ creativity, imagine one or several science-related game(s) and bring them to life through prototyping. Prototypes will then be beta-tested during the main conference, hosted in the...

Exhibit development
Christelle GuiraudThorsten-D. KünnemannAnne PrugnonOwain Davies

Designing and producing interactive exhibit is a complex process, involving many steps and variables. How do we keep a trace of this processs in order not to re-invent the wheel or repeat the same mistakes over and over?

How do we record...

Nils Petter HauanJustin DillonAsger HøegBronwyn BevanKrista LeusinkIda Marie Bøe

In this reverse session, we will present five different cases where practitioners and theorists are working together. These cases exemplifies creation of a common ground and understanding. Common for all these innovative activities, is that they...

Research, theory & evaluation
Katrin VohlandBrigitte GschmeidlerChristine MarizziClaudia GoebelPernille HjortTalila Yehiel

Participatory research has emerged as a powerful paradigm, redefining science, education and even citizenship. Especially in the areas of biodiversity observation and nature protection it is a very promising approach for museums and science....

Strategy & vision

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Competitive workshop
Marketing & communication
Anna SchaefersAnna OmedesCaroline VrammoutDiana Escobar VicentGérard Cobut

Join our competitive workshop (an unusual format) where five speakers will first present the science competition they are each running, before inviting the audience to rate their initatives in terms of benefits for a) science & society b)...