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Enacting institutional change

Multilingual exhibits, diversification of staff, community partnerships, participatory programmes, among other best practises, are evidence that a science centre or museum is on the right path to becoming diverse and inclusive. However, what is the work behind the scenes that needs to happen in order to achieve such an internal shift of the culture and touch the hearts and minds of the board of directors, staff, and constituents?

This session will present case studies on how to get buy-in and manage up. The cases are diverse in their field of action, strategies, and results. After presenters share their experiences, a challenging question is given to participants, who will work in small groups to troubleshoot and come up with a possible solution. Participants will leave the session with inspiring ideas on how to create change and influence in their institutions to become more equitable.

This session is part of the Equity and inclusion conference track.


Amparo Leyman Pino
San Francisco
United States

Session speakers

Ines Montalvao
Concept & Experience Designer
Independent Consultant / freelance
Ines will bring her expertise in exhibition development, narrative environments, experience design, and accessibility combined with science outreach initiatives with foreign background communities and lived experience as an immigrant working in Finland.
Silvio WEy
Leiter Besucherservice
Silvio’s institution is currently on the path of becoming more open, inclusive, and diverse. He will bring experience of what things have to click in people’s minds to be willing to create change in institutions.
Curator Text and Language
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Anna is part of the internal workgroup at the State Museums Berlin, working to make the institution more diverse and inclusive. Her contributions to the new exhibitions for the Ethnological Museum in the last years has informed her work on decolonísing museums.