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We love and believe in Open Schooling BUT...

The Open Schooling Together group - a partnership of eight European projects on Open Schooling - is inviting you to rethink learning boundaries and discover how schools and students can be supported to become agents of community well-being through the practice of open schooling.

This is an opportunity for all educators who work with schools, to gain inspiration and reflect together with other institutions that have been experimenting with new methodologies of learning. During the workshop there will be a collection of talks, a period of reflection and some practical exercises.

There are many challenges that occur when developing, testing and implementing new learning approaches with schools and their communities, and this workshop will introduce you to innovative pedagogical tools which will help you to find solutions. By the end of the workshop, participants will discover how to transform formal science education with the help of actors from within the community: teachers, policymakers, researchers and other societal actors. The tools and skills learned will help to tackle many different obstacles on the road towards open schooling.

Marc Fuster, Analyst at OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation and Jeffrey McClellan, founding principal of MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland, will give inspirational talks on how education must change to prepare students for what lies ahead in the future and how to help more traditional schools find workable avenues to experiment with innovative techniques.

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Session speakers

Project Manager Open Science Hub Network
Leiden University
Maria Vicente, coordinator of the Open Science Hub project will take part in the Tools carousel and present tools developed by OSHub to engage with stakeholders.
Cristina will present the specific Open Schooling approach developed by the Open Science Hub.
Learning and Engagement Researcher
Trinity College Dublin
Shaun will take part in the tools carousel and will present the evaluation methodology adopted by the OSHub project.
Brendan Owens headshot
Public Engagement Manager
Institute of Physics
Brendan will take part in the tools carousel and will present the stakeholders engagement tools developed by the OSHub project.
Head of school science outreach
Torben Roug, Head of school outreach at the University of Copenhagen, will present a practical framework for innovation in teacher training developed by the PHERECLOS project.
Parents International
Based on her experience in the PHERECLOS project, Eszter, director of International Parents, will discuss the advocacy perspective of Open Schooling including parents and policy makers.
Maya will take part in the tools carousel and will present the Open Schooling Information Packs developed by MiO to describe what Open Schooling is, requires and provides. During the Pecha Kucha session, she will share the possibilities of collaboration that open schooling brings for school teachers and informal STEM organisations.
Head of education and evaluation departments
Chagit Tishler, will bring learnings extracted from the Make it Open project. She will present the evaluation approach developed by the project to establish its proof of concept.
Senior Research Scientist
TC Columbia University
United States
Tamar Fuhrmann will present pedagogical tools developed by the Make it Open projects. She will discuss what to consider when adapting a pedagogical tool to different cultural environment and will share the process used and the difficulties faced by the Make it Open project to adapt the 'Learning Scenarios' in different countries and different cultures.
pam de sterke
organisational development manager
Pam will take part in the tools carousel and will present the Open Schooling Navigator developed by MiO to guide STEM educators in the first steps of setting up an Open Schooling project.
Senior Researcher
As an experienced researcher in educational innovation and the coordinator of the ongoing “Schools as Living Labs” open schooling project, Pavlos Koulouris will present the community platform developed by Schools As Living Labs to support a network of more than 400 schools across Europe in the implementation of Open Schooling.
Claudia Aguirre will present the Schools As Living Labs methodology guiding educators in implementing living lab projects. She will also facilitate a group for the Case Clinic activity.
Malvina Artheau
Freelance - co-creation practices and projects
Artheau Accompagnement
Within the EU-funded project School As Living Labs, Malvina Artheau has supported partners and national coordinators in designing a Living Lab methodology applied to schools and teachers. She will bring her expertise on how to infuse collaborative practices and sense of community within school projects and will facilitate a group for the Case Clinic activity.
Public Engagement Associate
United Kingdom
Didier Laval advised and supported the Schools As Living Labs project partners in transforming the Living Lab open innovation methodology into an Open Schooling approach, comprising the design, prototyping and real-life testing of new ideas by students. In this workshop, he will present the SALL methodology and will facilitate a group for the Case Clinic activity.
Assoc. Professor, Senior Researcher
The Open University
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
Alexandra will showcase some CONNECT science-actions led by girls with scientists and families supported by fun participatory approaches with examples and results in Europe and Brazil.