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Better together – rethinking research-practice collaborations

Over the past years, more and more research attention has been paid to science communication so that a vast body of knowledge has developed, offering insights into its potential and workings. At the same time, the community of scicomm practitioners has become increasingly more professionalised, developing their own rich body of practical knowledge and experience in the field. However, the two communities rarely come into contact with each other and there are few opportunities for fruitful exchange; something that would benefit both parties. This session will explore different possibilities and formats for research-practice collaborations and seek practitioners’ input about what they expect from research in an open discussion. The organisers will briefly outline the challenges to tackle and the goals they want to achieve, then four key questions will be discussed at separate tables in small groups, working to develop concrete ideas to improve research-practice collaborations.

Liliann Fischer is joined by Lisa Mertin, Project management Transfer Unit of Wissenshaft im Dialog


Research Associate
Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD)

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