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Developing critical thinking to tackle misinformation - Part 1

Misinformation, mistrust in science and pseudoscience are among the most difficult and pressing challenges for science communicators. Indeed the role of research, of scientific knowledge and of logical reasoning is far from making part of decision-making processes, and is even being rejected. This is accompanied by rapid spreading of pseudo-scientific ideas and misinformation. Unfortunately fact-checking is far from being an efficient solution when the problem is not lack of information or knowledge, but that facts don’t matter.

How can we equip our visitors to face these challenges? This session will explore the results of research on critical thinking skills to share the issues to be solved, to deconstruct our false intuitions and to give hints of what could be effective solutions.

This session is part of the Misinformation and trust in science conference track.

Part 1 of In Depth session - a presentation of the state of the art.



Session speakers

Director of Scientific Mediation and Education
Defining the problem: we will be discussing why misinformation is a major challenge for science communication and which are the relations between science and critical thinking: can we have one without the other?
PhD candidate
Université de Paris / LPI / Universcience
State of the art of research regarding critical thinking