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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Science ♥ society
Mónica BelloMichael DoserAgnes Meyer-BrandisNicola Triscott

Over the past years different scientific labs and research institutions have nurtured novel models of dialogue and cooperation between scientists and artists. Likewise, museums and cultural centres have been increasingly incorporating art and...

Equity & Inclusion
Peter TrevittRachael InglisNathalie CapletTheodoros AnagnostopoulosLeticia González

Outreach is a great way to reach new audiences - go to where the people are!

To stretch and challenge our boundaries, this session will first bring together three diverse examples of innovative work in this field: multi-strand approaches...

Research, theory & evaluation

All detailed information about this workshop can be found here.

Strategy & vision
Thierry BrassacBart Van de LaarMatteo MerzagoraJoana Lobo AntunesLeonardo AlfonsiHolly HastedGioia MoslerDubravka VejnovicMelanie WunschSilvia ProckNader Wahbeh

The academic world can sometimes appear puzzling, complex or even “inert” to other science engagement actors ; however, many fruitful collaborations are possible.

Why (and how) should science centres and universities collaborate better?...

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Only Full members of Ecsite have voting rights.

Science ♥ society
Bálint Balázs Norbert SteinhausRosina MalagridaGiovanna PaciniMaria Jesus Pinazo

Acting on the interface of science and society, Science Shops have developed inspiring, socially innovative and often experimental formats to tailor research to real social concerns. They operate in higher education institutions, public...

Science ♥ society
Sharon AmentAliki GiannakopoulouBrad IrwinRobert Firmhofer

The Supreme Court of the Ecsite Conference will decide whether citizen science projects are still allowed to be operated or should be sent to jail on life sentence. Join our esteemed solicitors and a group of mystery witnesses who will provide...

Lindsay BalfourDaniel RosqvistOlle Bjerkås

In this workshop, combine the power of cardboard, Strawbees tinkering tools and drinking straws together with gamification challenges. Recreate classic carnival games and “hack the game” with varying levels of difficulty and challenges provided...

Explainers & visitor services
Isabelle ChappuisDiane DrubayTiina HuberChristian Rohner

Let's put some human touch in this developing artificial intelligence world.

We will reflect on the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the museums world and see how scientific and cultural mediation can merge...

Strategy & vision
Ana NoronhaMaria MenendezAndré AbreuHans Gubbels

Science centres and museums can take advantage of the inherent wonder Space inspires in order to enhance their exhibitions and activities about sustainable development on Earth.

Explore how space science and technology contributes to the...

Science ♥ society
Darren McGarryLaura SmillieDarren McGarryLinda GalléMichiel BuchelMaria XanthoudakiAlan BelwardDAVID WILKINSONLuisa Marelli

Powered by the European Commission's Science and knowledge service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), this workshop will provide an interactive platform to discover what happens when the world of knowledge and science collides with the domain of...

A networking highlight!

Ecsite invites all participants to come together for a drink among exhibitors' booths.

Traditionally exhibitors bring specialities from their home countries.