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2018 Ecsite Conference

Natural History Museum of Geneva
CICG convention centre - Main and pre-conference sessions
17 rue de Varembé CP 13
1211 Geneva
7 June 2018 - 9 June 2018
Creative Collisions

A glimpse of the Ecsite Annual Conference - 2018 edition

A record-breaking 1,182 professionals from 58 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the 29th edition of the Ecsite Conference. Thank you to the Natural History Museum of Geneva for hosting the conference in partnership with CERN, University of Geneva Scienscope, and Campus Biotech.
We hope to see you next year in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 30th Ecsite Conference (6-8 June 2019). In the meantime, look back on the conference's rich programme: 



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Other Documents

Find attached below: a pdf of the printed programme, the press release and initial conference invitation.

The theme: Creative collisions

The 2018 theme was  “Creative collisions”. In a society where thoughts, words and deeds are increasingly standardised, placing different worldviews on a collision course can be a source of innovation and creativity. Collisions are not necessarily destructive: they can produce new elements, forms, knowledge and energies. Science engagement offers a unique space to experiment with new creative collisions between science and society, experts and amateurs, science and politics, art and science, nature and culture, science and faith, real and virtual, old and new. “Creative collisions” was a stimulating concept that helped us reinvent communication, teaching, learning, and thinking!




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