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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Science ♥ society

At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of...

Colin JohnsonJustin DillonHelen FeatherstoneMargaret GlassAndy Lloyd

For most if not all Ecsite attendees, science communication is a professional activity. We are constantly asking ourselves about the quality of our work, the consistency of standards and whether there are any common skills, training or standards...

Business & fundraising
Pilvi KolkCarina HalvordStephane BerghmansKim Gladstone HerlevTapio Koivu

Being a director or a manager in the 21st century is not an easy job. Today’s y-and z-generation employees are different from their predecessors and are making ti hard to keep teams motivated and “get things done”. Most of our science...

Sebastian MartinRyan JenkinsSamar D. KirreshCristina Olivotto

In this workshop for beginners, we will take a deep dive into one of the tried and true tinkering activities, cardboard automata. We will make and construct with simple everyday materials and create unique projects driven by personal interest....

Science ♥ society
Julie BeckerJoonas JuutilainenYasushi IkebeClaire PillsburyChristelle GuiraudMelanie WunschCybèle Robichaud

We are used to facing some difficulties on a daily basis: broken exhibits, unhappy visitors, confused rush before the opening of a project… but what happens when we face something bigger? Current events teach us that crisis and even disaster...

Exhibit development
Lizzy MoriartyFrançois BriardAudrey O'ConnellAnna Omedes

Science engagement organisations have a wealth of potential content for virtual and augmented reality applications. However there are a lot of questions about cost, operations and these new technologies’ validity as interpretation tools.


Business & fundraising
Marie-Sophie MugicaMaren KrumdieckMarc CHAVANDBruno Araújo-Gomes

Science engagement organisations regularly sign contracts with each other, for instance to collaborate on exhibitions. Each partner has its own practices when it comes to contract policy and drafting, reflecting its specific working culture and...

Audrey O'ConnellJavier Hidalgo GilInes MontalvaoEmilio SheikhanAnna ClarkChris HarrisLisa O'KeefePetra Rotthoffalex susannaAdam SandersPaul GouletKonstantinos KarrasErika SaksLindsay WashburnMarco BacciniJulie Moskalyk

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

Equity & Inclusion
Sheena LaursenBarbara StreicherVanessa MignanElizabeth RasekoalaEmily DawsonPiotr BienkowskiJo BryantShaaron Leverment

As individuals and institutions, most of us believe that science and science engagement spaces are for everyone and as such should engage ‘everyone’. Yet this belief might be standing in the way of actually becoming more inclusive, as we struggle...

Exhibit development
Lizzy MoriartyHanouf Al-Alawi Ana Crespo-BlancShireen SabaneghAndrew Wood-Walker

Do European science exhibitions reflect the rich diversity of the cultures that have contributed to science? How is science communicated in other cultures? Professionals from Europe and the Middle East will discuss how to make science relevant to...

Exhibit development
Olivier RetoutAgnes RuizPeter ElsaesserOlivier RetoutJennifer Chow

This session offers in-depth case study analysis by experienced profesionnals from museums, private companies and transport/logistics experts around concrete questions about international travelling exhibitions.

How set up a sales team?...

Science ♥ society
Vesna Pajić

Dealing with several entities, tiptoeing around politicians and taking into account sponsors' ideas while staying true to your science communication calling can be a challenge.

Sometimes we have to adapt to sponsors' and governments' ideas...