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Four mixed reality games for learning science

A showcase of four games currently in development at the CRI - Interdisciplinary Research Centre (Paris, France). These games are using new digital tools to create immersive and narrative experiences delivering content to general audience, children and researchers. Featured: HoloMath, Hello Houston, Augmented Gymnasium and Somanaute.

More about these games:

HoloMath: an augmented reality hands-on experience to learn mathematics. Playing with mathematical models with a scientific explainer, the audience will learn how mathematics have changed history. This will be a 1 hour session delivered every day at Maison des Mathmatiques in Paris.

Hello Houston: 2 astronauts are trapped on the Moon with several scientific experiences going mad due to a severe damage from an asteroid. Their only hope: asking the control center to save them. This is a multiplayer asymetric game with 2 players in augmented virtuality and 10-15 players in an immersive control centre.

Augmented Gymnasium: Using large scale videomapping on the floor and trackers on players, we are designing a new kind of physical interaction merging digital and large scale movements. This place will open in October in Paris for schools and researchers.

Somanaute: What would we do if we could control fully our characters in real life? This experience allows the player to go inside the head of an actor and control him/her remotely in a historical setting. This experiment is a new way of engaging players in an immersive game using analogic headsets, actors and real life.

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