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DIYBio at museums and science centres

Do It Yourself Biology (DIYbio) is redefining education, research, community engagement and scientific, cultural and artistic production. A growing number of amateur scientists and community labs are making a contribution to scientific culture and changing the way science is done, applied, perceived and disseminated.

Are science centres willing to facilitate citizen-driven scientific and cultural production? Will DIYbio become a transformational force for science centres?

More about this session: In this reverse session speakers and participants will share ideas and experiences and debate the possible benefits and challenges of implementing DIYbio and offering community labs at science centres and museums.


Consultant, Curator & Project Manager

Session speakers

Manager, Urban Barcode Project
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
New York City
United States
Christine Marizzi runs citizen science programs in New York City, USA. Her background is both in science and education. She will talk about her experiences in engaging youth in genetic research and overall strategy when working with the DIYbio community.
Programmanager Science
Den Haag
Physicist and science communicator, Jacinta Moons is content developer for science subjects at the Museon in the Hague. She develops both educational materials and exhibition content. In the session she will share her views, being in the process of developing a lab experience for visitors where they can practice inquiry/research skills, and on how to incorporate the scientific method to museum lessons.
science communicator
Scientific explainer at the Palais de la Découverte – Universcience in Paris, France. She develops presentations and hands-on activities in biology towards broad public and schools. After her Ph.D. in Immunology, Quitterie spent time to explore DIYBio communities to understand how people could be involved in science and research in other ways. In this session, she will share her experience, thoughts, and questions at the crossroads between DIYscience and science center.
Managing Director
Bruns B.V.
Bo Burgmans, is managing director of Bruns B.V., a strong family company with a leading position as a manufacturer of innovative, interactive exhibits and complete exhibitions. During this session, Bo will share his vision on DIYscience from a perspective of general and global trends and practices, and from a business perspective.