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When urban nature meets society

Concrete and asphalt everywhere, glass and steel sparkling under the sun: cities, these man-made biotopes, deeply differ from natural habitats. We urbans consider ourselves as “out of nature”. Yet today more than ever, we need to learn how to use nature without destroying it, something that can’t happen as long as we keep thinking of nature and culture as opposites - which they aren’t.

Would you think that Mexico City – one of the biggest cities in the world – is also one of the world’s most biodiverse? That Berlin is home to approximately 30,000 species? How can we use the collision of culture and nature for creative ways to engage the public with science and nature?

Who if not museums and science centres are experts in engaging audiences with difficult and abstract topics? Where if not in cities is the quickest path to (re)connect society and nature?


Session speakers

Former Deputy Director
Green week
Head of Scientific Area
Who counts the species? 8 Years of BioBlitz Barcelona