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Session proposals feast for 2015 conference

The call for proposals for the 2015 Ecsite Annual Conference closed yesterday at midnight. We received 168 session proposals (that’s 11 more than last year), 7 pre-Conference workshop proposals, 28 travelling exhibition proposals and 4 project showcase poster proposals! Many thanks to all contributors. A quick scan through the proposed sessions shows that most had fun with food metaphors… We are now busy compiling proposals for analysis by the Annual Conference Programme Committee. Authors will be hearing back mid November. Registration opens in February.


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MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

Located in Trento (NE Italy), the Museum of Science MUSE is a public insitution devoted to people's science engagement. It is dedicated to research the natural environment & intepret the landscape, in particular of the mountain areas, to promote sustainable development and innovation.


2015 Ecsite Conference

The 2015 Ecsite Conference took place in Trento, Italy, on 11-13 June. It gathered 1,101 participants from 52 different countries, breaking an attendance record. Look back on the appetizing “Food for curious minds” edition cooked up by conference host MUSE.