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EMYA Award 2015 - To MUSE, a special mention for innovation and creativity

The EMYA 2015 Award Ceremony - European Museum of the Year Award - took place in May in Glasgow. Since 1977, this prestigious award recognizes and rewards excellence in European museums, with the patronage of the Council of Europe. It encourages innovation particularly in museums which are more related to the conservationist classic vision. A prestigious award whereby MUSE was honoured with special mention.

The Rijksmuseum (State Museum of Amsterdam), the most important museum in Holland, won the "European Museum of the Year" prize during the awards ceremony which took place on Saturday, May 16 in Glasgow. MUSE - the newest Science Museum - received a special mention as "it represents innovation and creativity in all museum functions. By stimulating a positive relationship between nature, science in aid of society, MUSE shows great commitment to democratize access to culture, to promote exploration, to discover and spread awareness of current issues, in particular to those concerning the relationship between nature, cultural heritage and environmental sustainability".

MUSE was the only Italian museum shortlisted and selected for the finals along with 41 other European museums; it received the "EMYA special commendation" also thanks to the achieved results. The special mention is an important praise that reaffirms – at an international level - the value of the cultural project proposed by MUSE, its innovativeness and its creativity. Other 4 "special commendations" were given to just as many public and private museums: The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Finland; Red Star Line Museum, Belgium; Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, UK and Vorarlberg Museum, Vorarlberg, Austria.


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MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

Located in Trento (NE Italy), the Museum of Science MUSE is a public insitution devoted to people's science engagement. It is dedicated to research the natural environment & intepret the landscape, in particular of the mountain areas, to promote sustainable development and innovation.