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Ecsite connects, inspires and empowers science engagement organisations and professionals, extending the reach and strengthening the impact of their work.

It brings together more than 320 organisations all committed to inspiring people with science and technology and driving science engagement forward with professional events, projects and publications. 

Through Ecsite, members take part in European projects, work together on key topics, share knowledge and make their voices heard.

Our vision

Our vision is a European society where citizens are emboldened to engage and participate in science, and where their contribution to science research and policy plays a valuable role in addressing the global challenges facing humankind.

Ecsite members' convening power draws more than 40 million citizens each year to science-related debates, exhibitions, workshops, events or platforms.

Our commitments

Ecsite is committed to the following global challenges:

  • The climate and biodiversity crisis;
  • Misinformation and trust in science;
  • 21st century skills;
  • Inclusion and equity;
  • Health and wellbeing. 

Each day, our members inspire people about science and technology

Our members and partners play an essential role in inspiring the public with science and this strategy sets out how we can best fulfil these responsibilities.

What’s in it for our members?

  • A bold approach to working together around the crucial issues of our time, to make a bigger collective impact on society
  • Diversity and interdisciplinarity in the partnerships we forge, ensuring meaningful cooperation with a range of researchers and stakeholders
  • A focus on the needs of Ecsite professionals as individuals, connecting people online and in person to exchange, share experiences and spark common projects
  • Capacity building, online and in person, that equips member organisations for a changing world

What’s in it for our partners?

  • A network of science engagement organisations that reach millions of citizens and have a real impact on their lives
  • Cooperation on the key challenges we face in science and in society with institutions with local roots and a global vision
  • A network at the forefront of public engagement in science and technology who can innovate on reaching audiences
  • Shaping the future of research and innovation through projects that ensure the voice of the European public is heard


Our guiding principles

1. We stimulate cooperation.

We are a community that encourages sharing and working together to inspire each other.

2. We value human connection.

Our strengths lie in our openness, our integrity and the pleasure we have in working together.

3. We champion a culture of innovation.

We experiment and learn together in a context where the values of research and the scientific method are central.

4. We promote diversity and inclusiveness.

We strive to bring together people with a wide range of backgrounds, opinions, ideas and skills, from a variety of types of organisations and from a diverse set of stakeholder profiles.

5. We fulfil our societal responsibilities.

We embrace our role of actively empowering citizens to make a difference on the global challenges of our time: from climate to equity and democracy.

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