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Towards a new strategy

Ecsite is currently conducting a fundamental review of its strategy to look ahead and build a stable, solid future for the entire network. All Ecsite members are invited to take part in this process and join the discussion throughout the year by participating in strategy design activities. 

The constant evolution of our field, coupled with the end of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and changes in the internal and external environment led the Ecsite Board to conduct a fundamental review of the Ecsite strategy to look ahead and build a solid future for the entire network.

This strategic design process will last until the end of 2020 with three main phases: 

  • A research and insights phase to explore the future of science engagement 
  • An ideation and selection phase to define what Ecsite is and/or can be
  • A design phase to develop the strategy and action plan

With Ecsite members and external stakeholders, we will run interviews, organise workshops in the coming months and coordinate multiple activities online and at Directors' Forum, all aiming at gathering information from the science engagement community and listening to the needs of Ecsite members.

Ecsite members: this is your strategy

What are the challenges and opportunities in your organisation? How do you want this to be translated in Ecsite's strategy? 
Ecsite is your network, this strategic exercise is a valuable opportunity for you and your organisation to tell us what you hope for, desire and need for the future of the network and the field.

Since the beginning of the year, 53 Ecsite members have been interviewed or took part in one of the 5 online design workshops organised in March and April 2020.


Questions? Contact us at strategy@ecsite.eu