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Towards a new strategy

The new iteration of the Ecsite strategy is rooted in conversations with members: a dialogue that took place at a time when we needed to connect more than ever. It is an opportunity to reaffirm our common values and put trust in our strengths as a European community of science engagement organisations.

With this strategy, we take our mission and vision further, setting out new commitments and defining the principles that guide our actions. Our strategic directions draw on our wealth of experience in engaging our audiences with science, while taking our responsibility regarding current changes in the field and in society. The science we are working with is also increasingly multifaceted and interdisciplinary, bringing us to cooperate with new partners and sectors. And we provide frameworks through which professionals in science engagement organisations can share their experiences and inspire each other.

By implementing this strategy, we empower professionals in our network around initiatives where science engagement organisations make a real difference: on societal topics like climate, equity and trust in science. As such, we work towards our common ambition - to deepen the impact of the crucial role we play in the world.

This strategy will spark changes to the way we work, allowing us to achieve our mission better. It helps us channel our resources to focus our energy. Crucially, it gives our work leverage, building our capacity and increasing our collective impact on people’s lives. It allows us to better equip the European public to tackle the broader societal challenges we all face.

Dialogue with Ecsite members was central to this review of the network’s strategy.

For the first time on this scale, 22% of Ecsite’s total member organisations from 32 different countries were invited to be involved directly in the development process. The Ecsite Board played an active role in the strategy’s development as well as its approval, and will oversee its implementation from 2021 onwards.

It is thanks to professionals from across Ecsite and their invaluable insights, solidarity and team spirit that this strategy will serve all members and the field as a whole.
We look forward to continuing the conversation. How can Ecsite support you better in working towards our common goals?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch: communications@ecsite.eu.