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MUSE: 1 million visitors in 21 months

Chiara Veronesi _ chiara.veronesi@muse.it

This year, on May 5th afternoon, MUSE – The Science Museum of Trento (Italy) issued the number 1 million entrance ticket. A rewarding result indeed, which overcomes all the expectations, just 21 months after the grand opening (on July 27, 2013). One million visitors, that is thousands of people who entered MUSE in a constant flow, that increased even more during weekends and holidays.

The new building that houses this Italian science museum attracted people coming from outside the region for its stunning architecture – designed by the worldwide famous architect Renzo Piano; they also took this chance to visit the town and the surroundings.

The positive trend of incoming guests assesses the great attractive power played by MUSE, both on the local community and the tourists. Educational activities also scored very high: up to now 450,000 pupils and teachers attended a variety of programmes.

This numbers also had a clear economic impact on local economy, as calculated by the recent research that interviewed 117 for profit enterprises and 3,000 visitors. The results of this study show that tradings have increased 45% since the inauguration of MUSE, demonstrating a self-financing capacity of the museum amounting to 40% of the total turnover. This is a unique percentage considered at provincial and at national level, which is very significant even at international level, corresponding to a total economic impact of € 50,700,000.00.

This success builds on the past year results: according to the “Giornale dell’Arte” review study, MUSE has been the 8th most visited museum of Italy. A quite good position, if one considers that Trento town is home to some 115,000 inhabitants.


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MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

Located in Trento (NE Italy), the Museum of Science MUSE is a public insitution devoted to people's science engagement. It is dedicated to research the natural environment & intepret the landscape, in particular of the mountain areas, to promote sustainable development and innovation.