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Associazione BergamoScienza

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Festival / science events & performances
also ScienceCenter with temporary exhibits/conferences etc.
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BergamoScienza is a cultural and non profit organization born in 2005: its main goal is to make science accessible to everybody, especially young people, teachers, adults and children starting from primary school.
The association has given life to a Science Festival that takes place every year since 2003 for the first two weeks in october and offers labs, conferences, shows, exhibits and the occasion to meet Nobel prizes coming from all over the world. The last edition in 2016 has reached 152.600 people.

Most of the exhibits are designed by students (cooperating with their teachers) who also became the popularizer for other students (peer to peer non formal education). Students involved are nearly 4.000 every year.

From Nov 2015 the association has opened a permanent Science Center with the aim of offering all year long Science popularization to general public, mostly fostering science and technology careers to the youngest.

All the events are free of charge to general public.