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News 26 February 2018
Sea Change - Increasing Ocean Literacy

Interested in engaging audiences with marine topics and Ocean Literacy? The Sea Change project legacy leaves behind a set of resources and experiences to benefit to all science engagement professionals.

News 19 February 2018
Participants at the Sea Change Final Conference, 15 February 2018, UNESCO, Paris (France)

The Sea Change Celebration, the culmination of our engagement with Ocean Literacy, took place on 15 February 2018 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and concluded three busy years of empowering citizens towards Ocean Literate behaviours. A celebratory video and key achievement booklet attest to the project's legacy.

News 16 February 2018
Love The Ocean logo

In 2018, Valentine’s Day became “Love the Ocean Day” thanks to the 1.25 million supporters who joined the Sea Change campaign #LoveTheOcean!

News 12 February 2018
#LoveTheOcean - Make a Real Sea Change Today

A Valentine's Day celebration with a twist in 2018? The Sea Change project invites you to join the #LoveTheOcean campaign and foster awareness of the interconnections that exist between our health and well-being and those of the Ocean.

News 9 November 2017
13 motivated young people participating in the Spanish Crab Watch, organised by SUBMON on 14 January in Sitges, Spain

The Sea Change project invites you to join a new citizen science initiative and get to know Europe’s coastlines and crab populations in a novel way.

News 17 October 2017
Flyer advertising the Sea Change Online Seminars

A three-part seminar co-exploring Ocean topics in relation to issues of great societal importance is launching soon on the College of Exploration online campus. Don't miss the chance to get your questions about the Ocean answered!

News 11 October 2017
Healthy Ocean’s Photographic Competition First prize winner, Chile. Manuela Turkieltaub del Fierro - Pescador Surrealista/Surrealist Fisherman

The Sea Change project announces the launch of several inspirational tools that can serve to deepen European citizens' understanding of the changes undergone by the Ocean and encourage them to take direct and sustainable action for a healthier Ocean.

News 8 August 2017

The way we select and dispose of the products we buy has a direct impact on the quality of our environment and inherently our own health. Check out 6 short and practical videos to help you to make the right choice!

News 1 June 2017

In a week’s time, on June 8th, the world will celebrate the Ocean in all its richness and beauty, and everything it provides to humankind but which we take for granted. Will you be joining in bringing much needed attention to the Ocean?

News 26 October 2016

A series of public engagement events designed to increase awareness and ocean literacy kicked off in September!


Digital Spokes magazine

Spokes is the monthly magazine of Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. Hear the latest news from European science engagement, go further with in-depth features and make the most of the good reads, events and opportunities shared by Ecsite members.

Spokes magazine #72, July 2021

LOOKOUT: In conversation with the keynotes with Ewine van Dishoeck, John Falk and Melati Wijsen

LOOKOUT: A tale of two ACPC Chairs with Mikko Myllykoski and Brad Irwin

LOOKOUT: Reflecting on our commitments with Amito Haarhuis, Camille Pisani, Colin Johnson and Lewis Hou

COLUMN: Quitting the rat race by Bruno Maquart

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