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Crab Watchers wanted: A new Citizen Science project from Sea Change

13 motivated young people participating in the Spanish Crab Watch, organised by SUBMON on 14 January in Sitges, Spain

Meaningful encounters with the ocean and coastlines, greater Ocean Literacy and the collection of valuable scientific data? Crab Watch, the Citizen Science initiative developed by Sea Change, wants to achieve all of these goals in an engaging way!

"Crabs are interesting creatures to search for when you’re by the coast. You can find them in all marine and some freshwater habitats around Europe and they have great commercial and cultural significance in many countries. However, crabs are easily impacted by human activities, including warming seas, the introduction of invasive species and overexploitation. This makes them an ideal subject to help demonstrate how our ocean is changing and what the impacts are.” - Hannah Milburn from the Marine Biological Association, coordinators of Crab Watch and Sea Change

Crab Watch allows citizens to become more aware of the changing distributions of native and non-native crab populations by collecting ad hoc recordings of crabs or during organised visits to the coastlines for crab fishing or shore searches.

To get started, consult the press release and project materials attached. What next? Get all the resources you need (available in 5 different languages) from the Crab Watch page, download the app for iOS or Android, and plan your next trip to the sea! Don't forget to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CrabWatch.



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