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New tools for Ocean Literacy

Healthy Ocean’s Photographic Competition First prize winner, Chile. Manuela Turkieltaub del Fierro - Pescador Surrealista/Surrealist Fisherman

Ahead of two important Ocean conferences held in Malta this October, Our Ocean and EMSEA, the Sea Change project announced the launch of several inspirational tools that can serve to deepen European citizens' understanding of the changes undergone by the Ocean and encourage them to take direct and sustainable action for a healthier Ocean and a healthier planet.

A powerful new infographic illustrates the drastic changes undergone by the Ocean in the last 500 years, while a short video series presents small and pragmatic changes we can implement today in our daily activities, be it in the bathroom, the kitchen, the supermarket, the office or during our commute and when eating on the go.

The Sea Change citizen science initiative Crab Watch aims for new and meaningful encounters with these marine creatures that inhabit our shores and some freshwater habitats. Everything you need to become a Crab Watcher, including the Crab App, can be found on the dedicated Crab Watch page.

Looking for ideas for awareness-raising events where you can use these resources? Consult the latest edition of the Sea Change newsletter for inspiration.

For more information about this resource release, please consult the Press Release available below.