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Make a small change for Sea Change

Make a Sea Change In the Restaurant

The concept of Ocean Literacy (OL) - an understanding of what our actions mean for the health of the marine and aquatic environment and what is their influence on us - has been rising up on the global agenda as we witness serious anthropogenic environmental issues in the Ocean as well as on land. To tackle this ongoing environmental degradation, the concept of OL has been put forth as means to awareness raising, education and concrete actions each of us can take. While the scale of the issue often feels overwhelming and implies that we as individuals cannot do anything, the opposite is true. For what is a global society if not a group of individuals?

This is why the Sea Change project produced a series of educational videos about the right decisions for ocean-literate and environmentally-conscious individuals.

Find out more about the Sea Change project at http://www.seachangeproject.eu.


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