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Waves of love for the Ocean

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Waves of love for the Ocean swept across the world this Valentine’s Day as over 1.25 million supporters joined the Sea Change project’s campaign #LoveTheOcean. The reason why, this year, Valentine’s Day became “Love the Ocean Day”!

The campaign also drew the close attention of water sports enthusiasts from all over Europe, stakeholders who have a wealth of knowledge about the ocean and whom Sea Change has brought on board for more impactful engagement with the public. “The preservation of the ocean is very important if you want to continue to surf for many more years. Try to live with less plastic and recycle more. Let’s #LoveTheOcean!” urged Diogo Goncalves, Portuguese longboard surfer and champion, by video message.

"Love the Ocean" coincided with the final Sea Change conference that took place on 15 February 2018 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and concluded three busy years of empowering citizens towards Ocean Literate behaviours. The conference focused on the project’s achievements and legacy plan for the coming years, and sought to maintain the momentum of Ocean Literacy by exploring how to link with initiatives worldwide in the run up to the upcoming Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 – 2030).

You can still send your message of support to the project’s Twitter and Facebook channels using the hashtag #LoveTheOcean!


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