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Dipping your toes into ocean literacy

Between October 7th - 9th, the children' museum Muzeiko located in Sofia, Bulgaria became the first to host a Sea Change weekend event called the Ocean weekend. The festival was designed to entice children and families with a two-day program full of water sport related activities, thematic movies and activities promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable behavior particularly in relation to the importance of the ocean and its ecosystems.

The first in a series of events which are going to take place between now and late May 2017 follow behavioral, systems and social change methodologies recommended by social innovation experts and lead methodologists from the University Galway, Ireland. In doing so, we hope these creative formats of public engagement will educate people about the indispensable role of the ocean and make them think about the changes they can make in their lives to help the ocean become healthier.

For more information, please find the attached press release.



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