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You have only 12 hours left to register for ‪IPS2016 with the early bird rates!!

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Solve, evolve, involve… REVOLVE!

- IPS 2016 in Poland-

Copernicus Science Centre

Warsaw, Poland

Spinning, turning, circling. We chose the theme for the IPS 2016 conference, “Revolve”, with good reason: to reflect who we are. In constant motion, with our heads full of ideas, open to “outside-the-box” ideas. Come get to know our creative team of staff at the Heavens of Copernicus planetarium. Come visit vibrant Warsaw, a modern city that has been through a very challenging past. Come experience Poland, with a rich history of events that have inspired people to act, protest, effect change and incite revolutions.

The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium attracts visitors like a magnet. We infect people with our enthusiasm, sharing our passion and knowledge. And that’s one of the reasons for our planetarium's popularity and success: a gigantic group of astronomy-lovers has formed around the Heavens of Copernicus. On warm nights in June, we have managed to bring together large crowds of participants in sleeping-bags strewn around the museum's park-grounds, and more than 10,000 people participate in our annual Perseid observation night! On ordinary days, hundreds of visitors enjoy our shows and demonstrations, participate in lectures, rendezvous and concerts under the starry sky, and teachers participate in workshops carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency. But more importantly, members of our audience leave with a desire to come back. The opportunity to experience this magnificent atmosphere and the chance to get to know our impassioned staff – these are just two of the many reasons to take part in the IPS 2016 conference. Many more can be found in the programme for the event.

“We want to maintain a good balance. Our priority will be on showcasing good content and planetarium-related know-how, while at the same time facilitating contacts with the world's best companies and specialists”, says Robert Firmhofer, director of the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. We want to make sure that every participant of IPS 2016 has the kind of experience they came for, be they an astronomer, educator, presenter, or planetarium director. We have grouped together the several dozen sessions into themes that are relevant to both running day-to-day operations and planning long-term projects. “Fulldome on a shoestring”, “Best practices in live touring through the Universe”, “Towards a new language – art, science and immersion” – these are just some of the session topics awaiting you at IPS 2016. We have prioritized sessions of substance in the conference programme, while at the same time not forgetting about the practical side. Where do planetarians feel most at home? Under a dome, of course! Especially for you, we are building two additional domes, where you will be able to experience, test and compare the best projection systems made by the leading manufacturers. We will provide top-quality logistical infrastructure and technical support. The exhibition space will accommodate several dozen stands, and the Dome Village will feature state-of-the-art planetarium hardware as well as shows and interactive workshops.

The city of Warsaw was one of the hardest-hit victims of 20th-century history. Looking at Warsaw today, it is hard to believe that it was nearly razed to the ground 70 years ago. Yet the city survived, re-emerging from the ruins. Poland's capital is now brimming with energy and has an optimistic outlook. Full of excellent museums bringing certain chapters of its stormy history into better focus – from Chopin's joyful music to the tragedy of the Jewish ghetto in WWII. The city is notable for its unique architectural mixture: restored Gothic churches, modernist tenement houses from the interwar period, imposing socialist-realist edifices from communist times, and skyscrapers of steel and glass. In the summer, the narrow medieval streets of the Warsaw Old Town (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) become charming venues for musical and theatrical performances. The riverside boulevards are teeming with life and the city has many inviting art galleries, theatres and cinemas. Warsaw lies at the heart of Europe. Berlin, Prague and Budapest are just hours away by train, and all of Europe's capitals and most beautiful cities are well-connected by a network of inexpensive and convenient air connections.

China has its ancient astronomy, Egypt the Library of Alexandria. What do we have? Copernicus! We would like to give you a closer look at our patron, the outstanding astronomer who “halted the Sun and set the Earth moving”, by taking you on an excursion to the city of Toruń, where he was born. We likewise want to show you other corners of our beautiful country. You may opt to go to the northern city of Gdańsk, the original home of the “Solidarity” movement, a mass outpouring that was crucial in bringing down communism in Central and Eastern Europe. And no list of attractions would be complete without a visit to the old royal city of Cracow, which users of the website Travel&Leisure voted one of the 10 most interesting places in the world to visit!

But irrespective of whether you decide to visit the Copernicus museum in his hometown, enjoy a coffee amidst the old Hanseatic streets of Gdańsk, visit the 14th century Wawel Castle in Cracow, or admire the amazing sights of the nearby, truly unique salt mine at Wieliczka – there is one thing we do know for certain. Poland will definitely captivate you. You will find the country full of diversity, amazing architecture, enchanting culture, history and art, and find the Poles full of passion, enthusiasm and courage. Come see for yourself why Poland is famous for its hospitality!

This year's IPS conference will be a moment of special significance for us. Not only because it includes such a wide range of attractions and provides such a conducive space for fruitful meetings and encounters, but also because it comes precisely on the fifth anniversary of when the Heavens of Copernicus planetarium first opened. There could be no better way to spend such a birthday than surrounded by excellent friends from around the world! We therefore plan for IPS 2016 to be a joyous event for the whole community of planetarians. We are really looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

Detailed information and news about the conference are available on the website: www.ips2016.org

Reserve your time in June!

By 30 May – early-bird registration for the IPS Conference. Don’t miss the promotional rates! Registration after 30 May costs more. Details on the website.

17 – 18 June – “City of Kings” – pre-conference excursion to the southern city of Kraków and its environs (separate registration)

19 – 23 June – IPS 2016 Conference in Warsaw

24 June – stay in Warsaw longer to enjoy selected films from the Central European Fulldome Festival Brno

25 – 26 June
– “Following Copernicus’s Footsteps” – post-conference excursion to the northern cities of Gdańsk, Toruń and Frombork (separate registration)

– “City of Kings” – post-conference excursion to the southern city of Kraków and its environs (separate registration)

More details available at: www.ips2016.org l

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