Open Call: Submit your ideas for LIFE AT THE EDGES, the Science Gallery Dublin’s summer 2018 exhibition

Left image: Tufa Towers at Mono Lake, CA by Eric Wienke, used under Creative Commons license: Right image: Enceladus courtesy NASA/JPL

Life at the Edges, the Science Gallery Dublin’s summer 2018 exhibition, is now open for submissions that match the gallery’s three core aims: to Connect, Participate, and Surprise.

Apply by 16 January.

About the exhibition

"LIFE AT THE EDGES will examine life in extraordinary environments, and humankind's passion for exploration, adventure and discovery.

Extreme places can provide a unique setting to expand our understanding of our climate and living systems. From arctic expeditions to deep-sea discoveries, this exhibition is about exploring frontiers and limits, and boldly pushing the boundaries of space, humanity, science, technology, biology, and determination.

What might we find living in unexplored places that can inspire new technologies, medicines or architecture? As our own planet grapples with more extreme and precarious environmental conditions, how could the constraints of extreme environments lead to creative new tools, methods, microorganisms, and technologies? And will humans one day inhabit outer space or live underwater, or have we already contaminated these hard-to-reach places with space junk, plastic gyres and invasive species?"

More information and application until 16 January


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