Nanomedicine & societal engagement: NANO2ALL in dialogue with stakeholders in Israel

NANO2ALL multi-stakeholder dialogue participants at Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

A busy season of NANO2ALL national multi-stakeholder dialogues kicked off on October 19th with a full-day event at Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, Israel.

These deliberative events aim to bring together participants from a variety of fields: nanotechnology researchers, research funders, political decision-makers, interest groups, science journalists and citizen representatives. Guided by the results of a previous round of citizen dialogues, 13 Israeli stakeholders engaged with the topic of nanomedicine with great interest and foresight, considering how research and innovation in this growing medical field can better reflect societal values, needs and concerns.

Through interactive group work, open discussions and scenario exploration, participants identified preconditions needed for societal engagement during the development of a nanomedical product. Public exposure, research databanks, open channels that include citizens and patients – these are just a few of their recommendations which will go on to shape the innovation agendas of national and European policy-makers in the area of science and technology.

Consult the pdf below for more preliminary results from the first national multi-stakeholder dialogue and stay tuned for 5 more sets of recommendations from the NANO2ALL project.



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