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ARphymedes extends the way of learning physics

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ARphymedes lounge

ARphymedes, an acronym for AR Physics Made for Students, resembles the name of probably the most famous physicist in history, Archimedes. Stories about this genius remind us that humankind will be nothing without the dreamers. We should give kids the opportunity to explore their dreams, and AR (augmented reality) is one way to do so.

With this aim we build the consortium of physics teachers, technicians, historians and IT experts eager to design a modern and exciting toolbox of textbooks and augmentes reality application for pupils and teachers.

By telling the story of important historical milestones in physics, the tool will set the student on a road of exploration, of physics through time and significant events, with an opportunity to interactively test and experiment what is presented.

In this project we will develop an educational toolkit, combining the use of books and AR via a smartphone application. By combining the comfortable bound format of a book, which provides a tangible pleasure, and a source of information for deep learning, with AR application, which will provide an opportunity to attract, hold attention and provide a hands-on experience, we will establish a bridge between traditional and digital learning.

Project aims:

To increase the engagement of all students in physics education, by providing hands-on opportunities for all students, especially those that are currently under-represented in physics, that on average perform relatively poorly in STEM;

To lift the size and average achievements of the group of students using the developed educational book;

To eliminate the problems related to material shortage of teachers, to facilitate the preparation of interactive classes.

Developed by:

University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava UCM (SK), Institute of Management

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi TUIASI (RO)

Slovak university of technology in Bratislava (SK)

The University of Ljubljana ULJ (SL)

Tallinn University of Technology TalTech (EE)

Diadrasis IKE (GR)

Vitale Tecnologie Comunicazione S.r.l. VITECO (IT)

Exhibited in Aurelium since November 2023


  • teacher training
  • physics
  • augmented reality


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