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Ellinogermaniki Agogi SA

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (E.A.) is an educational organization of private law, officially recognized by the state. It is an institutional member of EDEN (European Distance Education Network), of STEDE (Science Teacher Education Development in Europe) network and of ECSITE (European Network of Science Centres and Museums) network. Ellinogermaniniki Agogi R&D Department. Established in 1995, the Research and Development Department provides the best test bed for research applications for the design, development and implementation of the research activities in education. The research work of the department focuses on the following areas: a) the development of methodologies and empirical research to investigate processes of learning and knowledge acquisition in various subject-matter areas (physics, mathematics, biology, history, etc); b) the collaboration with computer science departments and artificial intelligence labs for the development of computational models and Ambient Intelligence systems (wearable computers, embedded devices); c) the collaboration with Universities and private companies for the development and testing of educational software; and d) the design of technology-supported learning environments. Among the other activities the research group of Ellinogermaniki Agogi is the author of the official books for science and physics teaching for the Greek curriculum for the last two grades of elementary school and the last two grades of high-school. During the last years the Research and Development Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi has coordinated and supported the participation of the organization in more than 60 RTD European and National projects.