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Ecsite's Business day, on 19 June, was designed for those of you looking for business-related collaboration and inspiration. You can re-watch the exciting sessions and product demos on our YouTube channel.

​On 19 June 2020 Ecsite hosted its first digital day exclusively dedicated to business opportunities.


All the Ecsite Business day sessions are freely accessible to all attendees within the Ecsite community & beyond and they are also available on Ecsite’s YouTube channel.

Exhibitors have specific time slots on 19 June and a dedicated business page for you to browse below, allowing you to access photos, videos and brochures and contact them to find out more.


Check out our compilation of everything you need to know in detail about Ecsite Online.

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We are your partner for turnkey traveling exhibitions, art logistics, exhibition design and technology.

Our commitment is to make culture, science, art and education accessible to everyone by producing exceptional traveling exhibitions. We support museums to inspire, entertain and educate the world. We bring the past, world cultures, events and places to life. We make exhibitions happen.

Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva Science Centre produces innovative, exciting, and high quality science and technology travelling exhibitions that have been attracting and engaging more than 2 million visitors. Developed in close collaboration with researchers and the scientific community, our exhibitions have been inspiring a diverse range of audiences, from little explorers to experienced researchers.

Welcome to Archimedes Exhibitions @ Ecsite!

We love science and bringing it to the people in fun and interactive ways. We believe this is the key to understanding the world around us and for shaping the future for our next generations.

The Natural History Museum in London has been touring ground-breaking exhibitions since 1990. Our world-renowned shows have travelled to every corner of the globe and every year they are seen by over 3.5 million visitors.

YIPP is a Dutch studio specialised in designing and producing interactive experiences. 

A(R)dventures (on Microsoft HoloLenses) is the only Mixed Reality application in a museum worldwide using haptic exhibits to trigger and control holograms.

Idea and implementation – FRida & freD Children‘s Museum Graz and CoSA – Center of Science Activities

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie – Palais de la Découverte have started to design new exhibitions for little curious, dedicated to children from 2 years old.

Teo is the new global platform for international touring exhibitions.


JRA plans, designs and realizes science centres and museums that inspire adults, children and families to ask questions, discover new ideas, interact with each other, and better understand themselves and their world.

The immersive and interactive nature of Birdly® serves one goal: to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird and intuitively explore the skies.

The industry leader for engaging, attendance-driving, traveling exhibitions that suit every mission, venue, and budget. Experienced, nimble, creative, and passionate—Imagine Exhibitions are the partners you want to be working with in challenging times.

Bruns will bring stories to life by developing and producing high-quality exhibitions and exhibits. We make (interactive) objects and we create indelible memories. The combination of curiosity, modern craftsmanship and technical creativity makes stories readable and perceptible.

"You can tell and read stories and experience them through Bruns"