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Support Ecsite’s work and reach thousands of science engagement professionals and hundreds of organisations. Showcase your business on this page & reserve your slot on Ecsite's business day, on 19 June 2020.

On 19 June 2020 Ecsite is hosting its first digital day exclusively dedicated to business opportunities.

Its purpose is not to recreate our yearly Business Bistro but instead to give you the opportunity to find new market opportunities within the Ecsite community and beyond.

Travelling exhibitions, product demos & stimulating sessions - this day is entirely dedicated to you, our sponsors & partners and it's your opportunity to get the visibility and the networking you need during these challenging times. Take a look at our packages

Ecsite will broadcast this event live using Crowdcast - our webinar platform of choice, and will promote it to the entire Ecsite community. All the Ecsite Business day sessions will be freely accessible to all attendees within the Ecsite community & beyond, even after the event ends and they will also be made available on Ecsite’s YouTube channel. Reserve your session slot on 19 June

Ecsite will also launch its brand new app in June! With this app the Ecsite community will be able to network and follow Ecsite events, as well as create its own meetups to follow up on webinars, sessions, brainstorm new ideas or simply enjoy a drink together (digitally for now!).

In combination with a time slot on 19 June, you also have the opportunity to host a dedicated page for your business on this section of our website. Photos, videos and brochures can be then easily accessed by our vast community of science engagement professionals. This page and Ecsite's app will provide you with the networking you need to get business done.

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