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The industry leader for engaging, attendance-driving, traveling exhibitions that suit every mission, venue, and budget. Experienced, nimble, creative, and passionate—Imagine Exhibitions are the partners you want to be working with in challenging times.

Imagine Exhibitions brings decades of experience in exhibitions and attractions, a company culture of dedication and collaboration, and a portfolio of over 40 traveling exhibitions to our partners and clients—the qualities you will want and need as you look towards rebuilding the future.

What sets Imagine apart?

Variety of indoor and outdoor Traveling Exhibitions - We have the largest portfolio of any traveling exhibitions company, with over 40 shows of varying content, budget, and size. Many of our shows are already set up to allow for social distancing measures, such as Dinosaurs Around the World, Sean Kenney’s Animal Super Powers made with LEGO(r) bricks, Real Bodies the Exhibition, and Sean Kenney’s Nature POP made with LEGO bricks. Others in our portfolio have interactives that can be adapted or changed to accommodate new safety procedures. We also have several outdoor exhibitions that we have produced successfully (including some new drive-through exhibitions!). Even if you have never thought of outdoor exhibitions before, we would be happy to help you through the process. With such a wide variety of options of educationally rich exhibitions full of quality STEM and STEAM content, we can find the right show to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Nimble and responsive - During these crazy times, things are changing weekly, daily, and hourly. Our company has been built with a culture of being fast, responsive, and nimble. You can count on us to respond quickly to any questions you have and to be able to pivot on plans if necessary to find the best path forward.

Experienced professionals - Our team is comprised of the entertainment and attraction industry’s leading professionals in sales, marketing, production, logistics, group sales, design, and more. If you find yourself understaffed at the moment, we’ve got the “experts behind the experience” on hand to plug directly into your existing team and help navigate whatever challenges you face, backed by decades of industry expertise.

Traveling exhibitions have always been a reliable option for attractions aiming to stay relevant, reach new audiences and reinvigorate the marketplace. These things will not change, and in fact, in a world where cultural organizations are having to rebuild audiences and recoup revenues, traveling exhibitions are a slam dunk to do so affordably and reliably.

Imagine Exhibitions is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to evolve as storytellers in a world where shared experiences are perhaps more valuable than ever before. Together, we will find ways to bring people together communally—a basic human instinct and need—in a way that is always mindful of guest safety. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your organization.

Imagine Exhibitions Sizzle Reel (June 2020)

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You can contact us at sales@imagineexhibitions.com