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Bruns - Developer and producer of exhibitions and exhibits

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Bruns will bring stories to life by developing and producing high-quality exhibitions and exhibits. We make (interactive) objects and we create indelible memories. The combination of curiosity, modern craftsmanship and technical creativity makes stories readable and perceptible.

"You can tell and read stories and experience them through Bruns"

Since 1963 Bruns has gained knowledge and experience in the museum world. The expertise of our family business has expanded worldwide. In addition to museum projects, we also transform science centres, visitor and information centres and brand experience centres into eye-catching phenomena.

Bruns specialists

We stimulate our imagination by applying new materials, methods and proven innovative technologies. We work, develop and produce in our listed historic building De Ploeg. Our location of over 11,000 m² provides the opportunity to act as a multidisciplinary partner. This means that we have all the required specialist in-house workshops, such as: interior, mechatronics & robotics, showcases, audio-visual & multimedia, graphics and lighting.

We will take total responsibility over the entire production process in order to guarantee the quality of the end product. As an integral partner, Bruns will take care of the optimal implementation of every project. Whether our client is a museum, science centre, visitor and information centre or brand experience centre.

“Our aim for every project is to offer the visitor a maximum perception experience with educational value. We think in solutions, are flexible and only accept the best result! ”

For enquiries

Contact: Patrick Vermeire, Commercial Director
+31 (0)497 57 70 27

Bruns BV

Bruns develops and produces for museums and science centers: Complete exhibitions Scale-, presentation- and interactive models Interior and exterior specials Show cases These products visualize physicist and scientific phenomena and have education as objective. The entertainment of museum visitors and satisfied customers is what we pursuit. Bruns, in business since 1963, has grown allot and wants to be thé producer of interactive an innovative exhibits for museums and science centers worldwide.

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