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Together, digitally

#EcsiteOnline is a new feature which brings together different tools and resources all through digital media to ensure you can continue to discuss and exchange ideas and network with colleagues. 

Since the news at the beginning of April that the 2020 Ecsite Conference would not be taking place, the Ecsite Office, Ecsite Board and the Conference Programme Committee have been working on a new set of initiatives and alternatives to keep you connected, learning and sharing knowledge throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond.

The main focus of Ecsite Online is to ensure that our network has a wealth of possibilities and opportunities to interact digitally: to share new practices, discuss 'hot topics' and to learn from those with specialist knowledge on dedicated themes. Furthermore, thanks to Ecsite members, the #EcsiteOnline webinars, Business day and 11 June's Ecsite day are free to join and accessible to all.

From June, we'll also be launching our brand new Ecsite app, designed specifically for our community and to promote networking. To be one of the pioneers and in order to not miss out, simply complete this simple form so that we can include you in the launch!

We'll be broadcasting engaging, inspiring sessions every week and our brand new app will facilitate networking and collaborative working.

With engaging webinar sessions and informal drop-ins, plus dedicated digital days for togetherness and even business opportunities, as well as our networking app, Ecsite Online will be the place to be, even when we cannot be together in person.

This week's webinar


Check out our compilation of everything you need to know in detail about Ecsite Online.

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Browse through the Ecsite's resource page exclusively dedicated to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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11 June

Thursday, 11 June will be a dedicated day of connections, stimulation and a celebration of our network.