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Birdly® - The Ultimate Dream of Flight

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The immersive and interactive nature of Birdly® serves one goal: to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird and intuitively explore the skies.

Birdly® is a fully immersive VR simulator that fits elegantly into the museum environment. It provides an additional level of emotion, education, and understanding to museum guests on topics such as dinosaurs, coral reefs, and climate change as well as giving users a unique perspective on the city they’re in. In doing this, Birdly® also fulfills one of humankinds oldest and most primal dreams – flight.

The addition of Birdly® to any museum provides an experience unmatched by any other VR or flight simulator. It takes guests on a magical, dreamlike journey that is completely unforgettable and will have them returning again and again.

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For enquiries

To bring Birdly® to your museum contact: aleko.lilly@birdly.com.