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Welcome to Archimedes Exhibitions @ Ecsite!

We love science and bringing it to the people in fun and interactive ways. We believe this is the key to understanding the world around us and for shaping the future for our next generations.

Archimedes Exhibitions creates experiences

Since 1996, we have been designing exhibitions, interactive installations, apps, and exhibits all over the world that inspire and create lasting memories. We are passionate about scientific topics and render the invisible and complex into walk-in stories to touch, participate and immerse.

From A to Z

Archimedes Exhibitions is a "one-stop shop”: the entire process of creating an exhibition takes place under one single roof - from the initial idea to the final handover. We employ product designers and scenographers, architects and museologists, furniture makers and scientists, interface designers and programmers, editors and many more. That's why we can be particularly flexible when it comes to meeting the wishes of our customers.

What is especially important to us: Our exhibitions are created in teamwork! In all our projects we work closely and equally with our customers, finding the best individual solution for all ideas and wishes.


Meet our team


Would you like to have a piece of our work with you right away? Get our pocket-sized exhibit Shaki! It vividly shows the phenomenon of the “Persistence of Vision”, i. e. the inertia of the eye. Hold down a button and move the stick from left to right, and the Shaki paints brilliant pictures into the air! The special part: You can program it individually and enter symbols, icons, or even logos.

We have made the hardware available as open source here. If you don’t feel like creating a Shaki on your own but would still like to own one or several of them, please write to press(at)amdx.de.

The "Shaki" and the Persistence of Vision

For enquiries

Please feel free to get in touch with us!

Gunnar Behrens
E newbiz@amdx.de
T +49(0)30 2000 577 4426

Archimedes Exhibitions

Archimedes Exhibitions designs multisensual experiences in three-dimensional space. For this, we develop and realise interactive experience platforms and exhibits, scenographies, and exhibitions that appeal to all five senses. Our customers include science centres, international companies, museums, research institutions all over the world, and even the German Parliament. Archimedes develops location-based shows but also tours its exhibitions across the globe.

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