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For speakers & convenors

400+ professionals speak at the Ecsite Conference each year

Here's what you need to know about the speakers' & convenors' roles.

Convenors' role

The convenor of a session is the person who makes sure that the session actually takes place on the given time and day and that all speakers are well briefed, show up on time, etc.

Before the Conference, the convenor is responsible for:

  • Keeping all session-related details updated in the online programme (abstract, speakers, contributions, outcomes, etc)
  • Making sure there will be no repetition or overlap between presentations
  • Ensuring coherence between the speakers - each speaker should have an idea of what the others are going to talk about
  • Defining in which order speakers are lined up and informed them
  • Attend live or watch the replay of the speakers' technical onboarding to the platform


During the session, the convenor will be required to:

  • Act as a presenter or moderator, making sure the audience have a great experience in the session
  • Take charge of everything that will make the session flow smoothly: checking that everything is in place before the session, reminding participants of social media hashtags, keeping an eye on the time, making sure evaluation forms are filled in…
  • Moderate discussion by adding and removing attendees from screen

  • Answer attendees’ questions in Session Chat

After the Conference, the convenor will be required to:

  • Collect and upload the session's legacy (= striking ideas, conclusions, surprises or happenings to be recorded for the future. Include links to resources or presentations stored on external platforms, if applicable).


Speakers' role

Before the Conference, speakers will be required to:

  • Ask the convenor for all needed information, if not provided well on time
  • Update their profile information (name, job title, organisation) via the online session form
  • Deliver a detailed description of their individual contribution to the session. This detailed information will not be published in the printed programme but will be available on the website.

After the Conference, speakers will be required to:

  • Send to the session's convenor all info relevant to build the session's legacy


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