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Practical information

2020 Ecsite Conference

Echoes from the future
Ljubljana, Slovenia 11 June 2020 - 13 June 2020

See you in Slovenia

Slovenia is a pocket state that lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious Karst. This green part of Europe is indeed a special place - wherever you cross the border, you can expect an exceptional diversity of landscape that changes in spectacular fashion, while friendly people and fine cuisine, health resorts and spas, tourist farms and sports offer something for everyone. The overall diversity of such a small county makes Slovenians open to the world and Slovenia an exciting place to visit!

Ljubljana - a city with a green soul

Thanks to its exceptional environmental awareness, Ljubljana has managed to preserve its green character to the present day. Both its residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city built on a human scale. Even though it ranks among the mid-sized European cities, it has preserved its small-town friendliness, and, at the same time, it has everything that all the larger capitals have.


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