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Practical information

2020 Ecsite Conference

Echoes from the future
Ljubljana, Slovenia 11 June 2020 - 13 June 2020

See you in Slovenia

Slovenia is a pocket state that lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious Karst. This green part of Europe is indeed a special place - wherever you cross the border, you can expect an exceptional diversity of landscape that changes in spectacular fashion, while friendly people and fine cuisine, health resorts and spas, tourist farms and sports offer something for everyone. The overall diversity of such a small county makes Slovenians open to the world and Slovenia an exciting place to visit!

Conference venues

GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

All pre- and main Conference sessions, as well as the Business Bistro, will be held inside the GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, a leading convention venue in Slovenia. It is situated in the city centre. With its more than half-a-century tradition, it is an ideal venue for busy fairs, remarkable conventions and other entertaining, cultural and educative events. In recent years it has also become a touring exhibition venue for international blockbusters. It is easily accessible: only a few minutes away from the main railway and bus station, with a city bus stop in front of the main entrance. The venue welcomes 500,000 visitors per year.

Dunajska cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana

Taking place there
Pre-Conference; Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 June
Main Conference; Thursday 11 - Saturday 13 June

Marmorna Hall - GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

The Marmorna Hall was designed by Slovenian architect Milan Mihelič who is considered a master of construction. The hall is designed in a modern style and - due to its spaciousness and functionality - is one of the most sought-after congress halls in Ljubljana. The hall measures 1,618 square meters and can house as many as 1,400 visitors.

Dunajska cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana

Taking place there
Opening Ceremony; Thursday 11 June, 10.00
Gala Dinner; Thursday 11 June, 19.30

Technical Museum of Slovenia

The Speakers Reception will be hosted at the Technical Museum of Slovenia. Slovenia’s largest museum is located 20km away from Ljubljana, in a former Carthusian monastery. It is known for its permanent and temporary displays, from agriculture, fishing, wildlife and hunting to electricity, wood working, forestry, water driving machinery, textiles and printing. In the museum you can also admire a collection of prestigious cars used by former Yugoslavia President Tito, the oldest preserved car in Slovenia, an impressive collection of bicycles, the veneer sawmill, the blacksmith’s workshop, the trophy of a bear that became the world’s champion in 1973 and so much more.

Bistra 6
1353 Borovnica

Taking place here
Speakers Reception; Wednesday 10 June, 18:30

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle has been standing on a hill above the city for about 900 years and is Ljubljana's main tourist attraction. During the Conference’s Nocturne participants will be enjoying its beautiful courtyard and discovering an intriguing programme of science-themed entertainment in the building’s many nooks and corners. The castle's Outlook Tower and ramparts offer some of the most beautiful views of the city, while the castle houses a museum exhibition on Slovenian history, a puppet museum, and a number of historical rooms such as the St. George Chapel, the Prison, and a video presentation room called Virtual Castle. Ljubljana Castle can quickly be reached from the city centre by funicular and also counts space for art exhibitions, a café and two restaurants. It serves as a venue for cultural events, family entertainment, dance evenings, and an open-air film festival.

Grajska planota 1
1000 Ljubljana

Taking place there
Nocturne; Friday 12 June, 20.00


The Conference’s Farewell Party will be taking place at the legendary K4 Club, located in the basement of the Kersnikova Institute. The birth of the K4 Club coincides with the beginning of the last, more liberal period of Yugoslavia’s history as a country. Along with the established cultural venues, the subcultural scene in Ljubljana truly flourished at the end of the 1970s and in the 1980s. It all started as an informal and almost private space in the basement of the building on Kersnikova Street 4 where the headquarters of most of the student organisations, political and cultural, were located. The venue was then renovated and the official opening took place on 25 May 1989, on the now almost forgotten Youth Day. The newly-opened club brought a breath of fresh air to the mostly ‘dead’ underground scene of those days – it offered a new venue and a new programme and the dark basement became a shelter for fans of various, more marginal musical expressions. However, K4 is not just about music, as it also aims at bringing together different forms of urban artistic expressions with special attention to the visual arts. K4 Club is not just another ordinary club, but an essential part of urban culture not only in Ljubljana, but also throughout Slovenia and its neighbouring area. During the Farewell Party participants will also have access to the Kersnikova Institute’s exhibitions upstairs, since Kersnikova Institute and K4 Club share the same roof and often collaborate!

Kersnikova 4
1000 Ljubljana

Taking place there
Farewell party; Saturday 13 June, 21.30

Ljubljana - a city with a green soul

Thanks to its exceptional environmental awareness, Ljubljana has managed to preserve its green character to the present day. Both its residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city built on a human scale. Even though it ranks among the mid-sized European cities, it has preserved its small-town friendliness and, at the same time, it has everything that all the larger capitals have.

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