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Practical information

2022 Ecsite Conference

Heilbronn, Germany 2 June 2022 - 4 June 2022

Practical information for Heilbronn

The 2022 Ecsite Conference will take place in Heilbronn and experimenta are our hosts. They are currently busy working on lots of behind-the-scenes activities so that we can share all the practical information with you soon!

New to the network?

Every year, we welcome over 100 newcomers to the Conference and in 2021 we had over 400 new registrations! The Ecsite network is a friendly, approachable, science engagement family where everyone can learn and share from each other. Whether this will be your first Ecsite Conference or your 33rd, there will be opportunities for everybody to get involved. Our sessions are naturally interactive, so you'll leave with a lot more connections than you started with!

Conference venues

More information on the venue will follow soon!


About our Host

The host for the 2022 Ecsite Conference is experimenta, Germany's largest science centre, situated in the heart of the city of Heilbronn next to the river Neckar in Southern Germany. A new spectacular building constructed of glass and steel is joined to the old restored storage building of a former oil mill. Its Science Dome is a unique combination of theater and planetarium with a 360° surround 3D dome projection screen as well as a revolving auditorium. On the top of the science centre is an observatory. In the permanent exhibition, visitors can explore new discoveries and carry out experiments at 275 interactive exhibits. Additional space is provided for special exhibitions. In four creative studios, visitors can discover their talents in several hands-on workshops on media and engineering. Experimenta also has a wide variety of laboratories offering programmes for classes as well as for individuals, from kindergarten age to secondary school students as well as for adults. The Maker Space is a place where young inventors can design, experiment, build and interact with each other. The science stage offers special programmes designed for children up to the age of 10. In the student research centre, young explorers are guided through their first scientific projects.


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