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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Kim Gladstone HerlevHerbert MuenderCatherine FrancheSharon Ament

Welcome to the conference's official start.

Expect speeches by officials, host and Ecsite representatives. And... the winners of the 2019 Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards will be revealed!

Exhibit development
Dorit WolenitzArmin DuffRan PelegYael BambergerMalka YayonSami PihkalaShelley Rap

Escape rooms are non-virtual games that have gained huge popularity in recent years as a leisure experience. The trend has also made its way into the world of science museums and science centres and the 2018 Ecsite conference hosted a panel on “...

Jurij KrpanCamilla Rossi-LinnemannSamuela CaliariLouise WhiteleyInes MontalvaoSamar D. KirreshMichael BradkeMarina LeonardAna NoronhaSheldon PaquinDimitris KontopoulosCían Walsh

Many of us host or develop art exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies and the like. What are the pros and cons of these alliances? Who benefits from them? Should we go further and open up more to such collaborations and if so, how can we do...

Science ♥ society
Jon HaavieMay SabbahMatteo Del VecchioSigurd HunstadJon Haavie

In this hands-on tinkering session, we will explore computational tinkering, a playful open-ended approach to digital tools. We’ll try out activities that combine crafting with physical materials with digital tools like block-based programming...

Exhibit development
Heather KingPrzemek Michalik-SobolewskiLorenz KampschulteMorten Arnika SkydsgaardMorten Arnika Skydsgaard

In this session we want to find out more about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of communicating complex and controversial ideas in museum settings.

We believe that the most effective way of facilitating engagement is to invite visitors to take...

Join us for light yoga on the roof of Experimentarium.

Get ready for the conference day with a short yoga workout on the roof before sessions begin.

All you need to bring is clothes you can comfortably move in.

Strategy & vision
Herbert MuenderAndrea BandelliRobert FirmhoferCatherine FrancheRosalia Vargas

Advocacy means secret meetings in dark parliament corridors, leaked documents in return for expensive favours and very big expense notes. It’s a world reserved to ambitious politicians, wealthy industrial lobbies and cynical spin doctors. Is it...

Science ♥ society
Antonio Gomes da CostaSara YeoBrooke SmithJohn CookJaron Harambam

This session will report on the outcomes of a two-day pre-conference workshop exploring the role of science communication professionals in an age of misinformation and a time when...

Exhibit development
Rui QuintaMariana CardosoGunnar BehrensDorothée VatinelInes Montalvao

Most of the time, yeasts (and exhibits) are replicated asexually, originating exact copies of themselves. But, occasionally, mutations occur - and they can also undergo sexual reproduction of course. Or we can modify them genetically, in order to...

Science ♥ society
Brooke SmithKaren RommelfangerDarrell PorcelloMarie Louise M. Jørgensen

Engaging grey matters. Today’s neuroscientists often wear the hats of philosophers and humanists, asking powerful questions and sparking ethical debates on the very nature of reason, free will, and the mind. At the same time, rapid advances in...

Equity & Inclusion
Barbara StreicherVanessa MignanMaarten OkkersenMatteo MerzagoraNicole BullockAmparo Leyman Pino

Are you or your organisation experiencing challenges when it comes to diversity ans inclusion? Are you aware that these are important systemic issues, yet are not sure where to start to dismantle unjust infrastructures to combat your institution´...

Strategy & vision
Sharon AmentAliki GiannakopoulouBrad IrwinMaarten Okkersen

The Supreme Court of the Ecsite Conference will decide whether virtual reality (VR) in museums and science centres is visceral reality providing vital reactions, or just virtually rudimentary and very rubbish.

Virtual Reality can offer...