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What's new in touring exhibitions - 2

A preview of current and upcoming touring science exhibitions across Europe and the world. This fast-paced session will give you a glimpse of a large range of exhibitions on offer, leaving it up to you to make contacts and find out more.

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Audrey OConnel
Museum Consulting
Audrey O’Connell + Associates
United States

Session speakers

Director, Exhibitions
Canadian Museum of History
One Sky, Many Worlds: Indigenous Voices in Astronomy - For thousands of years, our keen observations of the world have led to knowledge and ways of knowing that contribute to our understanding of science and culture. This flexible, 600 sq. metre immersive and interactive exhibition will tell authentic and compelling stories from the perspective of diverse communities and knowledge keepers from around the world. It will also provide new ways of thinking about the intersection of science and culture, and showcase artifacts representative of diverse scientific approaches from Indigenous as well as Western communities.
"INNOVEXPO'S" subject is the development of innovative applications, which incorporate scientifically substantiated content. For the requirements of the project, the selection and dissemination of the Greek Mythology has been chosen as a case study. The multidisciplinary research will explain and document the causes of the creation of myths by seeking their relationship to natural phenomena and global geomorphological and geotectonic changes. Incorporating its results into technological applications will provide scientific validity and an attractive perspective to reading and presenting mythology. Augmented/mixed reality, tactile interaction, computer vision and radio-frequency recognition technologies will be used to implement an innovative technology framework that will conceptually convey the content.
Director and Driver
Play!! Make Music at the surprising sound playground. This new combination of 20 giant sound sculptures invites people of all ages to interact with sound, become musical team players, or experience some basics of sound physics. Change your personality to mouse or monster at the Voice Transformer, push the Monster Flute or play with fragments of time at the archaic Omele Machine. The Music Tables let you become a band, and dance becomes groove at the Loop Disco. The Wobble Pole makes a nodes visible, the Walking Bass changes pitch while stepping on a string and the Tetrachord shows how wood, glass, metal and stone vibrate and create tones. Currently shown at Technopolis, Mechelen, Belgium this exhibition is free to tour after November 2019.
International Traveling Exhibitions Director
Washington DC
United States
Planet or Plastic? - From the clear utility and necessity of plastics in modern industry from medical instruments to the International Space Station, to the magnitude and impact of plastic waste on our oceans and our biodiversity, plastic is now everywhere. This exhibit, curated with world-class imagery from National Geographic, offers solutions and information to mitigate the issue of plastic waste and to minimize single-use plastic consumption. This brand new traveling exhibition is available for IMMEDIATE hosting, and features more than 80 profound and inspiring images, videos, and infographics that tell the story of the global crisis of marine plastics.
Agt Euroevents ltd ,managing company of "Ancient Greek technology “ and ”Archimedes “ exhibitions of the museum k. Kotsanas as well other science historical and cultural exhibitions .
Nikosia ,
The exhibition " Tutankhamun – Journey to Eternity "dedicates itsself to the life and death of the boyking Tutankhamun. Due to conservational issues no original pieces can be exported to other countries, which is why the exhibition grands the one of a kind possibility, to see the scattered in over five museums worldwide exhibits and in a true to nature replica in one place. Needed for this expirience of the fabled pharaoh is a minimum of 800-1000m2 (8600 – 10700ft2). It should be able to darken with a height of minimum 5 meters (16,4 ft). Interior walls (4 meters height) and lighting can be codded.
Exhibition Designer, Manager Travelling Exhibitions
Deutsches Museum
Cosmos Coffee - Coffee is one of the most traded commodities around the globe. Its growing, trade, refinement and consumption connect millions of people. Nearly all of us drink it daily, but we often know very little about this multifaceted and fascinating beverage. The (travelling) exhibition „Cosmos Coffee“ offers an informative, sensual and entertaining experience for diverse target groups and embeds the individual enjoyment of coffee in a cosmos of dynamic interdependencies of biology, chemistry, technology, economy and cultural history. Its reference to common rituals and a large variety of communication tools makes the exhibition a unique attraction for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
BroadMesse International
“天下” Tian Xia, which literally means “Under the heaven”, represented the times and regions under the reign of Chinese Emperor. Ancient Chinese regarded the Heaven as the highest majesty, and they believed that the configuration of starts together with the motion of planets has a significant relation to the destiny of the dynasty and emperor. The Emperor is the agent of the Heaven. They believed that people could learn the will of the Heaven or even to predict the future by observing the sky. The ancient Chinese government had paid considerable attention to the astronomical observation and calendar. The most complete records of celestial phenomena, the earliest hand-painted star atlas and a series of heavy instruments for astronomical observation. Astronomy has been developing together with the society in ancient China and the system of its thought and knowledge has profoundly influenced the philosophy, culture and politics of traditional China.”
Curator / Temporary Exhibitions
Stop and Go - an exhibition on mobility - This exhibition is an interactive action field that challenges visitors to reflect on their daily behaviour when it comes to getting from A to B. We love our cars, but is this a sustainable way to form the mobility of the future? What are the alternatives and what can I do - now! DASA Working World conceived a playful approach to a very relevant issue - mobility is both highly emotional and omnipresent.
World Touring Exhibitions
World Touring Exhibitions
London EC1N 8UN
United Kingdom
3D Doubt Your Eyes: 3D hand-paintings and optical illusion theory in up to 50 interactive points. Artistic, educational and very entertaining, it invites visitors of all ages to be part of the experience by stepping into the scenes while learning about optical illusion. 28,000 tickets sold in its first month. Travelling Bricks (made of LEGO® bricks): a success story. 120 models created by Certified Professional Artists; also featuring a 7+mt long Titanic and a large playarea with over 250,000 LEGO bricks. Both exhibitions are produced by World Touring Exhibitions.
Touring Exhibitions Manager
National Museums Scotland
United Kingdom
Sharks [working title] - A new, family-friendly and interactive exhibition where visitors can explore the fascinating world of sharks - from the giant Whale Shark to the world’s smallest shark the Dwarf Lantern Shark and all the rays and dogfishes in between. Come face-to-face with the most feared animals of the sea. Find out about the amazing ways in which sharks communicate and use their senses to hunt. The exhibition will feature new research about prehistoric sharks and their evolution based on new Scottish finds. Visitors will learn about how these intelligent animals are becoming increasingly endangered and what can be done to help.
Marketing & PR Manager
Beyond Bruegel is an immersive art experience in which visitors -literally- walk in the oeuvre of the Flemish master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. By using high quality projections, visitors discover the style and characteristics of the painter in extraordinary detail. Bruegel's artwork comes to life as you wander through the landscapes that inspired him. Suddenly, you'll be walking alongside Mad Meg's army or sailing on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel. Bruegel tells the story of his life as well as musing on his thoughts and anxieties. Beyond Bruegel is co-created with Bruegelexperts and is an official Flemish master expo by Visit Flanders. Visualising art through immersive projection is the perfect gateway to make art accessible to anyone and inspire many people to explore the original pieces!
Director of Global Business Development
Unseen Oceans – More than 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans, yet surprisingly little of these vast realms has been explored. Explore the world’s oceans through the lens of 21st century technology. From the oceans' sunlit surfaces to their inky depths, a series of media-rich galleries highlight the latest advances in ocean exploration, the researchers and technologies behind them, and the mysteries that remain.
K12, Education, Learning, Steam resources
Creative Director
Collective Paper Aesthetics
Heart board pyramid is hands-on activity stimulating mathematical skills, social abilities and creativity. Everyone can be a designer. It is a modelling tool to experience complexity in playful manner. The principle tool is a cardboard lattice, which folded into three-dimensional polyhedral building block. The blocks Are connected one to another by cardboard joints. No glue required. Collective Paper Aesthetics design and develop audience engagement materials as well as STEM education resources in a scale of pop-up architecture and furnishing. Among the studio patrons are Polytechnic Museum Moscow, Phaeno Science Center, CADE Museum, Pilke Science Centre, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more.
freelance consultant
MI Project Curatorial Initiative
‘The Sound of a Woman. Tradition, Fashion and Elegance in the Caucasus and beyond’ and ‘Molla Nasreddin, the First Satirical Magazine in the Muslim world’ are independent traveling exhibitions with never seen before museum and private collections artifacts mainly from Georgia and Azerbaijan. ‘The Sound of a Woman’ contains a collection of antique silk headscarves kelaghayi and stamps as well as explains the history of silkmaking and techniques of the Silk Road textiles. Molla Nasreddin was an eight-page satirical periodical published in Azerbaijani and occasionally in Russian between 1906 and 1931 in Tbilisi, Tabriz and Baku. The magazine addressed important topics such as education, freedom of speech and perpetuation of folk traditions.
International Museum Consultant
United States
Space Center Academy and Mars Colony - First ever traveling exhibitions with the extensive use of AR to engage the guests. Five separate AR experiences all based in STEAM. Develop your own fuel source, drive your very own Moon Rover and help feed the colony. This exhibitions features the living pods that NASA has created and four flight simulators that the guest can earn their wings in. The application of several social media oppertunies is an excellent example of extending the experience.