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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Experience Copenhagen's green lifestyle, climate friendly cycling and other green solutions in the ‘Kalvebod’ waterfront neighbourhood. This area used to be very business-oriented with very little life, but that changed with “Kalvebod Bølge”,...

Equity & Inclusion
Christelle GuiraudAnna RiethusNathalie Puzenat

A blindfolded experience to grasp visual accessibility requirements.

During the whole workshop you become visually impaired, being blindfolded or wearing special glasses. In this situation, you will discover how to go from the entrance of...

Kate KnealeDaniela De AngeliJohn SearRan PelegMalvina ArtheauRannei Solbak SimonsenClaudia Sodini

Let’s investigate and reinterpret the Experimentarium science centre, venue of this Ecsite Conference, through the lens of a fun and inspiring two-day workshop. Inspired by the Museomix...

Science ♥ society
Ryan JenkinsSamar D. KirreshYihsuan Lin

In this conversation corner session, we’ll focus on thinking together how immersive exhibitions, videos, stories, pop-up environments and well curated themes can support tinkering activities in a science centre or museum. These contexts for...

Explainers & visitor services
Paola RodariGiacomo SannaMassimiliano TrevisanAndreja Perat

Taking science centre activities outside our buildings and into vans and buses is not completely new, but this practice has evolved over the past few years: there is a deeper awareness of the social inclusion agenda and its impacts on our...

Strategy & vision
Henrik SellCarole PalecoThomas B BergMarianne AchiamBrian Degn MårtenssonJuliette FritschStefan Leiner

How do we ignite action among our visitors and make them reflect on causes and effects?

The world is facing major challenges in terms of local and global environmental problems. These are problems that worry many people and can seem...

Strategy & vision
Patricia VerheydenMikko MyllykoskiAntonio Gomes da CostaAndrea DurhamTom RockwellMarilena Pace

What is the future of science engagement? Will science centres stay relevant in engaging the public with science? Or should we focus on programmes and outreach activities? Will artificial intelligence take over from human educators or is virtual...

Science ♥ society
Ana NoronhaMarc MoutinMaria Menendez

Bringing Space “down to Earth” is a priority for the Space sector. Space is a vantage point for monitoring our ever-changing planet – from floods and forest fires to changes in ice cover and rising sea levels. Europe plays a leading role in this...

Ida Marie BøeJen DeWittAnna SandvenMeie van LaarCybèle Robichaud

This session will address the thorny question of how to juggle the multiple demands placed on tinkering spaces. For instance, how can we create rewarding experiences for visitors but also high-performance, durable and easy-to-operate spaces? How...

Research, theory & evaluation
Kate KnealeDaniela De Angeli

As the Ecsite Conference draws to a close and with it the 2019 edition of the GameLab, time to look back, wrap up and look ahead!

There are two sides to this session:

  1. Selfish. It's all about us. We want the...
Kim Gladstone HerlevHerbert MuenderCatherine FrancheSharon Ament

Welcome to the conference's official start.

Expect speeches by officials, host and Ecsite representatives. And... the winners of the 2019 Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards will be revealed!

Exhibit development
Dorit WolenitzArmin DuffRan PelegYael BambergerMalka YayonSami PihkalaShelley Rap

Escape rooms are non-virtual games that have gained huge popularity in recent years as a leisure experience. The trend has also made its way into the world of science museums and science centres and the 2018 Ecsite conference hosted a panel on “...