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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Equity & Inclusion
Barbara StreicherVanessa MignanMaarten OkkersenMatteo MerzagoraNicole BullockAmparo Leyman Pino

Are you or your organisation experiencing challenges when it comes to diversity ans inclusion? Are you aware that these are important systemic issues, yet are not sure where to start to dismantle unjust infrastructures to combat your institution´...

Strategy & vision
Sharon AmentAliki GiannakopoulouBrad IrwinMaarten Okkersen

The Supreme Court of the Ecsite Conference will decide whether virtual reality (VR) in museums and science centres is visceral reality providing vital reactions, or just virtually rudimentary and very rubbish.

Virtual Reality can offer...

Science ♥ society
Antonio Gomes da CostaSara YeoBrooke SmithJohn CookJaron Harambam

This session will report on the outcomes of a two-day pre-conference workshop exploring the role of science communication professionals in an age of misinformation and a time when...

Exhibit development
Rui QuintaMariana CardosoGunnar BehrensDorothée VatinelInes Montalvao

Most of the time, yeasts (and exhibits) are replicated asexually, originating exact copies of themselves. But, occasionally, mutations occur - and they can also undergo sexual reproduction of course. Or we can modify them genetically, in order to...

Science ♥ society
Brooke SmithKaren RommelfangerDarrell PorcelloMarie Louise M. Jørgensen

Engaging grey matters. Today’s neuroscientists often wear the hats of philosophers and humanists, asking powerful questions and sparking ethical debates on the very nature of reason, free will, and the mind. At the same time, rapid advances in...

Strategy & vision
Floriane PerotPeter SlavenburgMarc TamschickSheldon Paquin

What are people looking for during an outing with friends or family? The urge to learn something new? To broaden their perspectives? To take some nice pictures? Or to get an unexpected rush? We find that more and more people are expecting...

Science ♥ society
Thierry BrassacPieter LootsAnna GunnarssonMalvina Artheau

150 years after Dmitri Mendeleiev’s stunning achievement, 2019 was declared International Year of the Periodic Table by UNESCO. This workshop will explore the mysteries of elements and the stories behind the famous iconic and terrifying poster....

Cristina PacaHolger SeifertTibisay Sankatsing NavaGeorge PehlivanidesPaolo LegatoNatalija PolenecLena SöderströmAndreas MattDaphnie DarasMarianna ObristMaria ZоlоtоnоsаFrank KupperAndrew Whittington-DavisIrene BesenbaeckJuan Luis GonzaloRae OstmanLena Söderström

Could an object describe your entire project?

The courageous speakers of this session took on this challenge and will be telling you about their projects in an original and jargon-free style.

Expect a 2-minute story for each project...

Equity & Inclusion
Audrey O'ConnellSarah DurcanCarina HalvordCynthia Brown

How do we navigate the shifting power structures in today’s museums and science centres?

All staff will recognise what appears to be a tipping point in the global movements and gender dynamics of today’s world. This session’s speakers will...

Say goodbye to our 2019 hosts and hello to the Kersnikova Institute team who will be welcoming us to Slovenia next year for the 2020 Ecsite Annual Conference (11 - 13 June 2020, Ljubljana).

Experience the most beautiful oasis of the city, the Botanical Garden, on a guided tour through the largest living plant collection in Denmark. In summer, the gardens are in full flower and during the tour you will be shown plants at their most...

Lisa BrahmsPeter WardripStephanie ChangElizabeth McGregor JacobidesRannei Solbak SimonsenCaterina Ginzburg

While museum-based researchers and evaluators advance work in understanding various aspects of STEAM learning and in particular the discussion about learning through making and tinkering experiences in museums, we lament the lack of robust...