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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Strategy & vision
Carmen FenollosaJulie BeckerRyan JenkinsSebastian MartinHanne Haack LarsenJulie BeckerRaquel da CunhaCarmen FenollosaNathalie CiminoMai Nguyen

The planet needs vocal green superheroes - but it also needs discreet green fairies, working in the shadows and corners of our workplaces without necessarily waiting for top-down change or elaborate organisation-wide sustainability plans. Is...

Strategy & vision
Malvina ArtheauRaquel da CunhaWiktor GajewskiAlejandro MancillaVesna Pajić

Occupational burnout occurs in all professions and ours is no exception. Many in our line of work root their motivation in values, a sense of mission and the people they serve. But sometimes we...

Strategy & vision
Anna StarkeyDidier LavalRosalie WhiteAliki Giannakopoulou

Change is constant. We need to be agile and to continually push the boundaries of our work in order to remain engaging and relevant in ever-evolving cultural landscapes.

What organisational or team boundaries would you like to push, but...

Research, theory & evaluation
Joana Lobo AntunesGioia MoslerMalvina ArtheauDaniela De AngeliIain ColemanLiesbeth de BakkerDerek FishRobert WestNatt DayIndrayani Ghangrekar

Collaborations between science centres and universities can provide effective routes to success, as well as rewarding experiences for both sides. But where to start? What to aim for? How to build the necessary bridges? Answers to these questions...

Open make
Science ♥ society

The Ecsite Conference’s MakerSpace is a physical location created by a group of tinkerers and educators from science centres all over the world. It is located on the second floor of Experimantarium. In this inspiring environment full of tools,...

Strategy & vision
Hillary SpencerJulie LeclairCarina JaatinenHillary SpencerFrancesca Polo

The act of risk taking is of increasing importance in both our professional and personal lives. This session will ask the following questions: What is risk? Why do we take risks? What is failure? What does risk-taking look like from an...

Exhibit development
Nathalie PuzenatHenrik HelsgaunMarco MirandaMarta Fikus-KrynskaSami PihkalaSarah de LauneyJesper Rasted

Prototyping is an eye-opening and often essential step in the development of content and interactive exhibits. It is a powerful tool but also complicated, often time-consuming and expensive. In the short introduction to this workshop, each...

Science ♥ society
Audrey Dussutour

"The blob: a genius without a brain". 

Audrey Dussutour is a Researcher at the Research Centre on Animal Cognition of Toulouse University, France. Her unit works on animal cognition, neuroscience, animal behaviour and computational biology...

Brokerage event
Strategy & vision
Didier Laval

Would you like to know about an open project looking for partners? About an exhibition that you could host for free? About educational resources that can be grabbed and used with no fee, or even with associated benefits? About a European...

Social event

A Copenhagen landmark, the Wallmans Circus Building has been a venue for popular entertainment for more than 100 years. The space was once home to elephants, seals and clowns and is now offering a dinner & show experience combining musical...

Guided tour

Experience the most beautiful oasis of the city, the Botanical Garden, on a guided tour through the largest living plant collection in Denmark. In summer, the gardens are in full flower and during the tour you will be shown plants at their most...

Strategy & vision
Manuel CiraFrancisco Franco del AmoAnne-Marie BruyasWalter StavelozPeter de HaanCarole PalecoRosalia VargasHenrik Helsgaun

In 2009 we were in Copenhagen for COP15, representing science centres and museums in the fight against climate change. Ten years later, we find ourselves back in the same city. And this time, it’s for crisis talks. The IPCC’s latest report was...