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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Strategy & vision
Ronen MirRobert FirmhoferDerek FishLinda ConlonMaya HalevyMaurice BitranNetzach FarbiashKim Gladstone Herlev

Where are science centres headed? In November 2018, 25 science centre leaders convened together with 25 local professionals for a weeklong workshop in Israel, discussing the future of our field. Intense discussions led to the formation of four...

Science ♥ society
Ryan JenkinsRannei Solbak Simonsen

In this hands-on workshop for beginners, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of LED fashion. We will make and construct using electronics and simple everyday materials as we hack our conference badges and create personalised wearables to show...

Science ♥ society
Laura SmillieÂngela Guimaraes PereiraMalgorzata KossowskaPaula Pérez SobrinoLaura Smillie

To "make the world a better place" we need to understand how political decisions are taken, not just by politicians or civil servants but also by voters. So how do they do this?

This was the question we asked ourselves as the European...

Experience the most beautiful oasis of the city, the Botanical Garden, on a guided tour through the largest living plant collection in Denmark. In summer, the gardens are in full flower and during the tour you will be shown plants at their most...

Strategy & vision
Manuel CiraFrancisco Franco del AmoAnne-Marie BruyasWalter StavelozPeter de HaanCarole PalecoRosalia VargasHenrik Helsgaun

In 2009 we were in Copenhagen for COP15, representing science centres and museums in the fight against climate change. Ten years later, we find ourselves back in the same city. And this time, it’s for crisis talks. The IPCC’s latest report was...

Strategy & vision
Leonel AlegreJaap HoogstratenJuliette FritschKatrina Nilsson

Dinosaurs have the power to reach audiences other collections cannot reach – how is this being harnessed as a catalyst for change? Find out how moving dinosaurs, whether within a museum context or on tour, can act as a signal for large-scale...

Science ♥ society
Marie HobsonLuisa MassaraniMaria XanthoudakiBrooke Smith

Many scientists want to connect with the public, but their efforts to do so are not always easily achieved or effective. Some programmes and institutions are leading the way in identifying the support needed to enable scientists’ connections with...

Science ♥ society
Thierry BrassacAnna GunnarssonMalvina ArtheauPieter Loots

Following the “Having fun with the periodic table of the elements” session, take the time to play a new board game connecting sustainability issues with the periodic table, try to fill up the...

Exhibit development
Sheena LaursenRyan JenkinsHenrik HelsgaunLeigh-Anne Stradeski

How can we design activities for our visitors to play with in ways that encourage science awareness? Thinking about our visitors, what they might be interested in and how that interest can be fed is crucial to the development of such activities...

Research, theory & evaluation
Lauren DeereGrace FieldsAdam RutlandLuke McGuireZain Iqbal

Explainers and educators are one of the most important assets you have to increase engagement and learning in your science centre. Could you make your educator team more effective by recruiting teenagers?

The STEM Teens project is...

Strategy & vision
Dorothée VatinelNele Van der ElstAudrey Dussutour

Your opportunity to discuss slime moulds, animal cognition and more with keynote speaker Audrey Dussutour after hearing her speech in the previous time slot.

Bronwyn BevanBronwyn BevanPeter WardripHeather King

One of the shared aims of Tinkering is to help immerse people in a learning experience that can be highly inclusive. This session “theorises” Tinkering and MakerSpaces, demonstrating how different theoretical lenses reveal different aspects of...